Foundations of Macroeconomics, Global Edition eBook (8e) : 9781292218342

Foundations of Macroeconomics, Global Edition eBook (8e)

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About the book: For courses in principles of macroeconomics. Guide students through the economic principles that will influence their financial decisions

Foundations of Macroeconomics, 8th Edition introduces students to the economic principles they can use to navigate the financial decisions of their futures. Each chapter concentrates on a manageable number of ideas, usually 3 to 4, with each reinforced several times throughout the text. This patient approach helps guide students through unfamiliar terrain and focus them on the most important concepts.

The text does four core things to help students grasp and apply economic principles: it motivates with compelling issues and questions, focuses on core ideas, offers concise points, and encourages learning with activities and practice questions. After completing this text, students will have the foundational knowledge of how the economy works and can apply it to their lives going forward.

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Table of contents
  • 1. Getting Started
  • 2. The U.S. and Global Economies
  • 3. The Economic Problem
  • 4. Demand and Supply
  • 5. GDP: A Measure of Total Production Income
  • 6. Jobs and Unemployment
  • 7. The CPI and the Cost of Living
  • 8. Potential GDP and the Natural Unemployment Rate
  • 9. Economic Growth
  • 10. Finance, Saving, and Investment
  • 11. The Monetary System
  • 12. Money, Interest, and Inflation
  • 13. Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
  • 14. Aggregate Expenditure Multiplier
  • 15. The Short-Run Policy Tradeoff
  • 16. Fiscal Policy
  • 17. Monetary Policy
  • 18. International Trade Policy
  • 19. International Finance
Features & benefits

Content has been fine-tuned to reflect the current economy

  • NEW! The text reflects the dramatic economic history of today, including persistent slow economic growth, an increasing concentration of wealth, headwinds from the UK’s stagnant economy, the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, China’s slowing expansion, and enhanced concern about climate change. In the US specifically, the text covers the increasing loss of jobs to offshore companies, the political popularity of trade protection, financial demands from an aging population, a dysfunctional congress with rising government debt, and a slow, decade-long recovery from the financial crisis.
  • UPDATED! Each chapter contains small changes to enhance clarity and currency, and every example reflects the most recent current events.

Notable content changes in macro

  • UPDATED! The text explores the question of whether we are back at full employment. In seeking an answer, the chapter adds to the standard list of job market indicators—the new Z-Pop measure of the percentage of the population that is fully occupied (Chapter 22).
  • NEW! Data on the new Sticky Price CPI and its related Flexible Price CPI as an attempt to measure the underlying inflation rate (Chapter 23).
  • NEW! Covers who gets the benefits of economic growth with a dramatic demonstration of the gains by the top one percent compared with the gains of the other 99 percent (Chapter 25).
  • NEW! and UPDATED! Explains the concepts of fiscal imbalance and generational imbalance, and the magnitudes of these imbalances in the US today (Chapter 32).
  • NEW! Discusses the rules versus discretion dichotomy and a description of both the Taylor interest rate rule and the McCallum monetary base growth rate rule (Chapter 33).

Diagrams aid in learning difficult concepts

  • Diagrams make consistent use of colour to show the direction of shifts, and detailed, numbered captions guide students through actions step-by-step.
  • Material is presented in graphs, words, and tables to appease students who are apprehensive about working with graphs.

Real-world connections bring theories to life

  • Eye On boxes offer fresh examples that help students see that economics is everywhere. Each chapter opening box is answered by an Eye On box that helps students see the economic factors behind a key issue facing the world and highlights major aspects of the chapter.
  • Eye on the US Economy relates examples to current and recent events.
  • Eye on the Global Economy puts these events in global context.
  • Eye on the Past offers historical economic perspectives.  
  • Eye on Your Life shows students how to apply economic principles to their lives.
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