The Financial Times Guide to Social Media Strategy: Boost your business, manage risk and develop your personal brand : 9781292234823

The Financial Times Guide to Social Media Strategy: Boost your business, manage risk and develop your personal brand

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Despite 80% of business leaders thinking it important to make the most of social media, 70% admitted that their efforts are currently ineffective - CMI SURVEY.

The FT Guide to Social Media Strategy will help you understand how social media works, how to use it to build your networks and deliver business growth.

Social media is transforming customer service, market research, recruitment, campaigning and internal communications and encouraging the development of alternative business models and new corporate structures. There has never been a more important time for every business professional to understand its power, potential and pitfalls, but although you might recognise its growing importance, few business people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the most of the opportunity. Without a clear understanding of social media and a strategy for you and your business, you risk being exposed and ill-prepared.

The FT Guide to Social Media Strategy provides a clear roadmap with practical guidance, inspirational case studies and proven methodologies.

You’ll understand how to use social media and gain competitive advantage by generating better results, making more sales, building stronger and more valuable networks and enhancing the potency of their personal digital brand.

You’ll also discover plans and processes to manager and mitigate against the risks of social media.

This book is broken down into three core sections, focusing initially on the core social media knowledge that every business professional needs, before moving on to the use of social media to develop a personal digital brand and finally an explanation of how to harness the power of social media to boost business performance.

Presented in a user-friendly language, with clear guidelines, informative case studies and practical advice, each chapter features a mix of case studies, practical advice, the latest research and intelligence from leading social media specialists and the outcome of interviews with business leaders, marketing and social media experts and industry commentators.

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Martin Thomas is a highly-experienced marketing communications consultant, trainer, author, public speaker and non-executive director. He has enjoyed a successful career in advertising, PR, sponsorship and media including senior management roles with some of the world’s leading marketing services agencies. Much of his work has been focused on helping organisations respond to the opportunities and challenges posed by digital media.  He is digital and social media course leader for the Institute of Directors.