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Social Work Law (5e)

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Social Work Law, 5th Edition, by Alison Brammer is the market leading textbook for social work students and practitioners alike. It serves as a comprehensive, practical and accessible guide to the legal framework in the context of good social work practice for any student or social worker.

It provides a good understanding of the relevant law and practice essential for social workers operating within tight legal processes, to discharge their powers properly. The author provides a balanced account of the law as applied to children, families, and vulnerable adults.

Social Work Law uses a range of learning tools to help reinforce your understanding of the law in practice:
  • Learning objectives at the start of each chapter help structure your study
  • Talking points in each chapter identify areas of debate for discussion
  • Exercises and case studies offer a problem based learning application of the law
  • End of chapter summaries identify the key points from each topic
  • Further reading sections and website references encourage you to explore the area further
  • Legal Skills for working in court and other aspects of the social work role help to demystify the law and encourage students and social workers to embrace law as part of their career long professional development
Table of contents
  • 1 Introduction to law and social work practice
  • 2 Sources of law
  • 3 Courts and law officers
  • 4 Social workers' role in law
  • 5 The Human Rights Act 1998 and social work practice
  • 6 Discrimination
  • 7 Supporting children and families
  • 8 Children and family breakdown
  • 9 Child protection
  • 10 Looked after children
  • 11 Adoption
  • 12 Education
  • 13 Youth justice
  • 14 Adult social care
  • 15 Mental health
  • 16 Mental capacity
  • 17 Adult safeguarding
  • 18 Criminal justice
  • 19 Welfare and homelessness
  • 20 Asylum
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