Dimond's Legal Aspects of Nursing (8e) : 9781292245379

Dimond's Legal Aspects of Nursing (8e)

Dowie,I et al
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Pearson United Kingdom
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The definitive guide to the law that all nurses need to know.

Written specifically for student nurses as well as those already in practice, Dimond’s Legal Aspects of Nursing is your essential practical guide to the legal principles you need to be aware of in your everyday nursing practice.

Building on previous editions of the book by Bridgit Dimond, this 8th edition has been significantly reworked by a new author team with extensive experience in teaching nursing law. It has also been fully updated and revised in line with recent legal developments and the new Nursing standards to ensure it continues to meet the requirements of nursing law modules.
Table of contents
  • Part I General principles affecting all nurses
  • 1 Introduction: professionalism, the legal system and human rights
  • 2 Actions in the criminal courts and defences to criminal charge
  • 3 Liability in a civil court case for negligence
  • 4 Specific problem areas in civil liability: personal liability of the nurse, vicarious liability of the employer and managerial issues
  • 5 Statutory functions and management of the NHS
  • 6 Progress of a civil claim: defences and compensation
  • 7 Consent to treatment and informing the patient
  • 8 Data protection: confidentiality and access
  • 9 Record keeping, statements and evidence in court
  • 10 The nurse and employment law
  • 11 The nurse as a registered professional
  • 12 Health and safety and the nurse
  • 13 Children and young persons
  • 14 The nurse on the gynaecology ward
  • 15 Acute care
  • 16 Learning disabilities and safeguarding people
  • 17 Nurse educator and researcher
  • 18 Legal aspects of the care of older people
  • 19 Nursing the mentally disordered
  • 20 Accident and emergency, outpatients, genito-urinary departments and day surgery 
  • 21 Human fertility and genetics
  • 22 Community and primary care nursing
  • 23 Scope of professional practice, clinical nurse specialist and consultant nurse
  • 24 Legal aspects of property
  • 25 Legal aspects of public health
  • 26 Handling complaints 
  • 27 Legal aspects of medicines 28 End-of-life care and death
  • 29 Complementary and alternative therapies 739
  • 30 The future