Atiyah and Adams' Sale of Goods eBook (14e) : 9781292251035

Atiyah and Adams' Sale of Goods eBook (14e)

Twigg-Flesner,C et al
Published by
Pearson United Kingdom
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Atiyah and Adams’ Sale of Goods is the definitive guide to this important aspect of commercial law. Combining a highly readable and comprehensive account of the law governing the sale of goods, it is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students and a valuable point of first reference for practitioners of commercial law.

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Table of contents
  • Part I Nature and formation of the contract of sale
  • 1 Sources of the law of sale of goods
  • 2 The contract of sale
  • 3 Subject-matter of the contract
  • 4 The types of obligation created
  • Part II The duties of the seller
  • 5 The existence of the goods and the duty to pass a good title
  • 6 The duty to deliver the goods
  • 7 The duty to supply goods of the right quality
  • 8 Exclusion of seller’s liability
  • Part III The duties of the buyer
  • 9 The duties of the buyer
  • Part IV The effects of the contract
  • 10 The transfer of property
  • 11 Risk and frustration
  • 12 Transfer of title by a non-owner
  • Part V Export sales
  • 13 Export sales
  • 14 International Convention on Sales of Goods (‘CISG’)
  • Part VI The remedies of the seller
  • 15 Real remedies
  • 16 Personal remedies
  • Part VII The remedies of the buyer
  • 17 Rejection of the goods, rescission and specific performance
  • 18 Action for damages
  • Part VIII Consumer sales
  • 19 Consumer sales contracts
  • 20 Product liability
  • 21 Manufacturers’ guarantees
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