Accounting for Non-Accounting Students eBook (10e) : 9781292286976

Accounting for Non-Accounting Students eBook (10e)

Dyson.J et al
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Pearson United Kingdom
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For undergraduate and graduate Accounting courses, as part of non-Accounting programmes.

Accounting for Non-Accounting Students, 10th Edition, by Dyson & Franklin provides real-life understanding of accounting by introducing the purpose and key ideas of financial and management accounting to students who have had little or no previous knowledge of the subject. This text is renowned for its clear and non-technical explanations of essential accounting techniques, in a language accessible to all. It engages with students to help them cross the bridge between classroom learning and real life, in order to improve their employment prospects when applying for jobs. The new inclusion of critical thinking questions related to most recent news stories, along with contemporary examples and business articles, allows students to explore, in classroom discussions, themes that go beyond accounting techniques, and which require them to think and develop a personal opinion.

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Table of contents
  • 1 Accounting and the business world
  • 2 Accounting rules and regulations
  • 3 Recording data
  • 4 Sole trader accounts
  • 5 Company accounts
  • 6 Other entity accounts
  • 7 Statement of cash flows
  • 8 The annual report
  • 9 The annual accounts
  • 10 Interpretation of accounts
  • 11 Contemporary issues
  • 12 Foundations
  • 13 Direct costs
  • 14 Indirect costs
  • 15 Budgeting
  • 16 Standard costing
  • 17 Contribution analysis
  • 18 Decision making
  • 19 Capital investment
  • 20 Emerging issues
Features & benefits
  • In this edition 80 articles (including 70 new articles) have been included as News Clips and now feature more businesses that students will immediately recognise, giving this 10th Edition greater relevance to students learning about real accounting issues.
  • Real company financial information means company reports are discussed in specifics rather than in the abstract. The use of the same company across examples provides continuity.
  • Engage students and help them cross the bridge between classroom and real life using real-life exciting business articles – such as Tesla, Netflix, Asos, Tottenham Hotspur and Amazon, as well as Patisserie Valerie and Carillion.
  • At the end of each chapter Critical Thinking Questions have been added to use in class discussion or in homework to encourage students to form views on real world issues. Questions are based on the News Clip articles within each chapter.
  • To help students get familiar with the accounting terminology, this edition includes a glossary with definitions of nearly 100 key accounting concepts and terms.
  • A new, more colourful design inside the book provides a fresh look and feel and enlivens the text without distracting from the substantial information.
  • Handy introductions at the outset of each chapter provide context and explain to non-accountants why the chapter is important.
  • Comprehensive examples and Key Points sections to get you thinking.
  • Chapters conclude with Check your Learning sections which have numerous quizzes and questions to help students periodically recap on their learning.
  • Chapter 1 discusses personal finances and the usefulness of accounting in that context to help students set the topic in a practical context.
  • Chapter 2 Regulation has been simplified and updated to reflect recent regulatory changes, including references to the Conceptual Framework of Financial Reporting.
  • Improved explanations of areas of cash flow have been included in Chapter 7 Statement of Cash Flows
  • Chapter 11 on Contemporary Issues and Chapter 20 on Emerging Issues have both been refreshed.
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