Law of the European Union eBook (13e) : 9781292298832

Law of the European Union eBook (13e)

Morano-Foadi,S et al
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Pearson United Kingdom
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Law of the European Union, 13th Edition, by Morano-Foadi and Neller is a comprehensive and visually appealing coverage of the structure, law and practice of the European Union and its impact on UK law. This book sheds light on the constitutional arrangements of the EU, substantive areas of EU law and the political negotiation of regional interests of this unique legal entity. The 13th Edition provides an up-to-date coverage of the challenges, controversies and uncertainty of Brexit.

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Table of contents
  • Part 1 Constitutional and administrative law of the European Union
  • 1 An introduction to the European Union
  • 2 Institutions of the European Union
  • 3 Sources of European Union law (including general principles of law and fundamental rights)
  • 4 Competences and supremacy of the Union
  • 5 Judicial methodology and preliminary rulings of the Court of Justice
  • 6 Review of the legality of Union acts
  • 7 Enforcement proceedings against Member States
  • 8 Direct effect, indirect effect and state liability
  • Part 2 Substantive areas of EU law
  • 9 European Union citizenship and free movement rights
  • 10 Free movement of workers
  • 11 Freedom of establishment and the free movement of services
  • 12 Free movement of goods
Features & benefits
  • Key Debates for academic discussion in class
  • Visual diagrams explaining concepts, institutional structures and legislative procedures
  • Cases boxes highlighting the facts, ruling and significance
  • Reflection boxes drawing attention to key developments, interconnected issues and current controversies
  • Learning objectives at chapter level, and end of chapter summaries offer focus for class and exam preparation
  • A table amalgamating relevant legislation and cases across 22 human rights
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