International Business: The New Realities, Global Edition eBook (5e) : 9781292303307

International Business: The New Realities, Global Edition eBook (5e)

Cavusgil,T et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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About the book: For courses in international business.

International Business: The New Realities caters to a post-millennial student audience, the most diverse and educated generation to date. The book connects to students of the technological age, facing a diverse and evolving economic environment fueled by the internet and multimedia sources. The authors understand and speak to what motivates this group, also known as Generation Z -- their reliance on technology, their drive towards achievement and helping their communities, and their desire to obtain skills they can apply towards meaningful jobs. By addressing their interests and issues such as the competitive job market and challenges faced by advanced economies, the text engages students in the material and preps them for successful careers in international business.

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Table of contents
  • 1 Introduction: What Is International Business?
  • 2 Globalization of Markets and the Internationalization of the Firm
  • 3 The Cultural Environment of International Business
  • 4 Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Governance in International Business
  • 5 Theories of International Trade and Investment
  • 6 Political and Legal Systems in National Environments
  • 7 Government Intervention and Regional Economic Integration
  • 8 Understanding Emerging Markets
  • 9 The International Monetary and Financial Environment
  • 10 Financial Management and Accounting in the Global Firm
  • 11 Strategy and Organization in the International Firm
  • 12 Global Market Opportunity Assessment
  • 13 Exporting and Global Sourcing
  • 14 Foreign Direct Investment and Collaborative Ventures
  • 15 Licensing, Franchising, and Other Contractual Strategies
  • 16 Marketing in the Global Firm
  • 17 Human Resource Management in the Global Firm
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