Chemistry for Biologists : 9781408280829

Chemistry for Biologists

Reed, David
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Pearson United Kingdom
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Chemistry for Biologists provides a focused yet chemically and mathematically rigorous introduction to those key aspects of chemistry that form the basis of biological processes. 


Written in a straightforward, accessible style, the book begins with an overview of basic chemical concepts. Building on these core principles, the reader is guided through subjects such as the structure and properties of organic molecules, equilibria, energetics, kinetics, biomolecules, reaction mechanisms, metabolism and structural methods. The relevance of each chemical concept to the study of biology is clearly explained at every stage, enabling students to develop a deep appreciation of the chemistry that underpins their chosen subject, and become confident in applying this knowledge to their own studies.

Table of contents
  • Chapter 1   Basic Concepts
  • Chapter 2.  Atoms, Periodicity and Chemical Bonding
  • Chapter 3.  An Introduction to the Chemistry of Carbon
  • Chapter 4   Energetics
  • Chapter 5   Equilibria: How far does a reaction go?
  • Chapter 6   Aqueous Equilibria
  • Chapter 7   Biomolecules and biopolymers
  • Chapter 8   Reaction mechanisms
  • Chapter 9. Chemical kinetics
  • Chapter 10  Bioenergetics and Bioelectrochemistry
  • Chapter 11  The role of elements other than carbon
  • Chapter 12  Metabolism
  • Chapter 13  Structural Methods
  • Appendix 1   Basic Mathematical Tools for Biological Chemistry
  • Appendix 2   Answers to end of chapter questions
  • Appendix 3   Periodic Table of the Elements
Features & benefits

  • Comprehensively covers the chemistry needed by all students seeking to understand biological processes at a fundamental level. 
  • Numerous boxed features highlight key ideas and explore more advanced concepts.
  • Contains a wealth of engaging examples throughout the text, applying the theory to biology in practice.
  • Self-test question sets at the end of each chapter are included to help consolidate understanding of key concepts, and full answers are supplied at the back to enable students to assess their own progress.
  • An appendix of basic mathematical tools for biochemistry is included to help explain key mathematical concepts and, crucially, their relevance to the subject.