Gifted and Talented: New Zealand Perspectives (3e) : 9781442510166

Gifted and Talented: New Zealand Perspectives (3e)

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Gifted and Talented: New Zealand Perspectives is the only comprehensive current New Zealand text in the field of education for the gifted and talented. Informed by current research and thinking in gifted and talented education, the text includes among its contributors a number of New Zealand leaders in the field.

Aimed at teachers and educators it will also prove an invaluable resource for all those who engage with gifted and talented children and young people and their education, including parents, researchers, academics, students of education, policy-makers, psychologists and counsellors.

Table of contents
  1. Historical Perspectives  Roger Moltzen
  2. Conceptualising of Giftedness and Talent  Roger Moltzen
  3. Characteristics of Gifted Children  Roger Moltzen
  4. Gifted and Talented Māori Learners  Jill Bevan-Brown
  5. Giftedness in the Early Years  Louise Porter
  6. To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before: The Enterprise of Creativity  Deborah Fraser
  7. Psychological Adjustment of Gifted Children and Adolescents  Natasha L. Moltzen
  8. Identification of Gifted and Talented Students  Ann Easter
  9. The Need to Balance Acceleration with Enrichment in Gifted Education  Michael Townsend
  10. Qualitative Differentiation for Gifted and Talented Students  Tracey L. Riley
  11. Curriculum Models: The Framework for Gifted and Talented Education  Tracey L. Riley
  12. Gender Issues
    Part 1: So Much To Do, So Little Time  Robyn Macleod   Part 2: Gifted Boys: Challenges and Solutions in Developing Personal Identity  Graeme Miller
  13. Celebrating the Square Peg: Twice-Exceptional Learners  Anne Sturgess
  14. Underachievement  Roger Moltzen
  15. Promoting Positive Home–School Partnerships  Rose Blackett
New to this edition
  • stronger research focus
  • examines the significant changes in New Zealand education since 2004, particularly regarding those who are gifted and talented.
  • significant focus on gifted behaviours rather than the rigid labelling of children
Author biography
Roger Moltzen is Professor and Dean of Education at the University of Waikato. A former teacher and principal, his career focus as an academic has been primarily in the area of giftedness and talent. Initially this interest focused on gifted and talented children and young people, but latterly he has investigated the lives of eminent adults to better understand how talent develops across the lifespan. Roger is Patron of the New Zealand Association of Gifted Children, co-editor of APEX: The New Zealand Journal of Gifted Education, co-author of the Ministry handbook Gifted and Talented Students: Meeting Their Needs in New Zealand Schools and a member of the Ministry of Education’s Gifted and Talented Education Advisory Group. In 2000 he chaired the Ministerial Working Party on Gifted Education. In 2005 he was awarded the Prime Minister’s Supreme Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence and is a member of the Ako Aoteoaroa Academy of Tertiary Teaching Excellence.