Discovering Diversity: How the diverse values and beliefs of world religions are shaping our identity : 9781442510180

Discovering Diversity: How the diverse values and beliefs of world religions are shaping our identity

Armstrong J
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Pearson New Zealand
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Discovery Diversity explains and explores the major world religions that now form part of the fabric of Aotearoa New Zealand’s multicultural society. It introduces the reader to some of the beliefs and practices of these faiths, with the aim of increasing empathy, understanding and knowledge. Its curriculum focus is Social Studies Level 5, and it covers the Achievement Objectives:

  • Understand how cultural interaction impacts on cultures and societies
  • Understand that people move between places and how this has consequences for the people and the places
  • Understand how the ideas and actions of people in the past have had a significant impact on people’s lives.

Part 1 looks at how the introduction of Christianity changed New Zealand into a bicultural nation, and at how more recent immigration is transforming our country into a multicultural society.

Part 2 focuses on the six major world religions: – Judaism – Islam – Sikhism – Christianity – Hinduism – Buddhism

Part 3 prepares students to conduct a social inquiry based on what they have learnt.

The book includes personal histories of young people following these faiths, giving the reader an appreciation of some of the challenges they face. Interesting and thoughtprovoking activities are included throughout the book, focusing in particular on cultural interaction.

The text is highly illustrated with specially commissioned photographs for which the photographer was granted access to mosques, temples, churches, and the homes of some of the people featured in the book.

Table of contents

The social studies curriculum
A social inquiry

Part 1: Laying the groundwork
Chapter 1 Shaping a future 
Chapter 2 New cultures, new religious faiths
Chapter 3 A multicultural nation

Part 2: Six religions of the world
Chapter 4 Judaism’s rites of passage
Chapter 5 Christianity’s festivals
Chapter 6 Islam’s way of life
Chapter 7 Hinduism’s living stories

Chapter 8 Buddhism’s ethics and meditation

Chapter 9 Sikhism’s symbols

Part 3: Preparing to conduct a social inquiry
Chapter 10 The challenges of diversity
Chapter 11 Responding to the challenges
Chapter 12 Inquiry and discovery

Useful resources
Appendix I: My social inquiry planning template
Appendix II: Concept evaluation

Author biography
Jocelyn Armstrong has taught at Taieri College, Epsom Girls Grammar School and most recently at Diocesan School for Girls where she was Teacher in Charge of Religious Studies. She is involved in the leadership of the ecumenical movement at both national and international levels.
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