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OHS Management

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Workplace accidents can cost businesses and individuals physically, financially and emotionally. Obstructing or failing to support others in OHS compliance can in severe cases lead to imprisonment.

Many workplace accidents could be avoided if the right OHS procedures had been in place. The Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety aims to build the skills and knowledge needed to prevent accidents and manage health and safety in the workplace.

Based on the bestselling Participant Guides by MBC, OHS Management provides students with the underpinning knowledge required to complete six OHS units of the BSB41407 Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety in the BSB07 Business Services Training Package.

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Features & benefits
Each key topic area is fully explained while practice exercises and integration activities throughout the text consolidate student understanding. Assessment Tasks are included for each unit of competency, enabling a student’s competence to be evaluated in each OHS management area.
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The MBC design and writing team have a wealth of experience in writing and delivering learning and assessment materials. They have worked in universities, TAFE institutes, private registered training organisations, industry training and development units, apprenticeship and traineeship training. This expertise is supported by university qualifications at the Bachelor, Diploma and Masters levels.
Target audience
BSBOHS401B Contribute to the implementation of a systematic approach to managing OHS
BSBOHS402B Contribute to the implementation of the OHS consultation process
BSBOHS403B Identify hazards and assess OHS risks
BSBOHS404B Contribute to the implementation of strategies to control OHS risk
BSBOHS405B Contribute to the implementation of emergency procedures
BSBOHS408A Assist with compliance with OHS and other relevant laws