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Pearson Mathematics 3b: Stage 6 (2e)

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Pearson Mathematics is changing the way Mathematics is taught in New Zealand schools

Written by New Zealand Mathematics Specialist Charlotte Wilkinson, Pearson Mathematics provides a whole-school print and online programme incorporating all strands of the New Zealand curriculum.

Pearson Mathematics 3b is the second of two books for students working at Level 3 of the Mathematics and Statistics Curriculum.

Pearson Mathematics Student Books

  • The aim of the Pearson Mathematics Student Books is to bridge the gap between the Curriculum guidelines and the real world of the student.
  • Attractive, uncluttered design encourages students to engage positively with the mathematical content.
  • Each book covers all three strands, namely Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement and Statistics. 
  • Each unit concludes with a Mini-Project which enables the students to reinforce their learning, apply problem solving skills, collaborate and communicate about maths in mathematical terminology, but within real-life contexts.
  • “Challenge” questions allow for further extension and additional motivation for more able students.
  • Full-colour content provides visual stimulation with images that place the mathematics in context.
  • All content is curriculum-aligned and can be used with additional, existing resources where available.
Table of contents
  1. Larger Numbers
  2. Using Place Value
  3. Addition and Subtraction Strategies
  4. Multiplication Strategies
  5. Using Multiplication
  6. Extending Multiplication
  7. Division Strategies
  8. Using Multiples and Factors
  9. Fractions
  10. Numbers Between 0 and 1
  11. Numbers Between 0 and 0.1
  12. Introduction to Percentages
  13. Decimals: Into the Thousandths
  14. Working with Decimals
  15. Using a Calculator
  16. Exploring Patterns
  17. 3D Shapes, Area and Volume
  18. Prisms and Pyramids
  19. Rotations, Reflections and Translations
  20. Maps and Pathways
  21. Triangles and Angles
  22. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  23. Estimating Measurements
  24. Standard Unit Measures for Length
  25. Measuring Temperature
  26. Measuring Time
  27. Using Time
  28. Probability and Statistics
  29. Collecting, Displaying and Interpreting Data
  30. Using Computers for Statistics

Mini Projects

  • The Stocktake
  • Feeding Time at the Zoo
  • Wilma Witch’s Spells
  • The Super School Sale
  • Rally Driving
  • Bug Boxes
  • Going Places
  • Cards for All Occasions
  • Inventing Cocktails
  • Planting Beans
  • Sport with a Difference
  • Going On Holiday
  • Everybody is Different
  • Alphabetical Statistics
Author biography

Charlotte Wilkinson helps teachers develop exciting Maths programmes in their schools. She has an Honours degree specialising in the teaching of Primary Mathematics, combined with 20 years classroom experience, of which 7 years were at senior management level, followed by 4 years working with teachers on the Numeracy Project for the University of Waikato. She offers professional development and training in  the teaching and learning of Primary Mathematics. Charlotte also designs and publishes Wilkie Way Numeracy Products.

Series overview

Pearson Mathematics is changing the way Mathematics is taught in New Zealand schools.

New Zealand Curriculum aligned
Pearson Mathematics matches the New Zealand Curriculum exactly and completely – there is no need to find additional materials. Existing material can be used alongside Pearson Mathematics as supplements or reinforcement.

Comprehensive coverage
Pearson Mathematics covers all the Measurement, Geometry and Statistics strands, not just Number.

Whole-school print and online programme
Now you can ensure that the same methodology can be applied across the school from Levels 1-4.

Proven results
Pearson Mathematics uses a well-researched methodology used throughout New Zealand to deliver proven results at all levels.

Motivate students
Now you can keep students motivated and stimulated with a variety of resources. Engage them with material that makes them eager to progress.

Mathematics literacy
Give your students the skills to read, write and think mathematically through a range of problem-solving activities. Mathematics literacy components encourage students to read, understand and manipulate word problems.

Problem solving
Pearson Mathematics helps students learn how to solve problems mathematically rather than just doing algorithms.

Mini projects
Your students’ ability to solve problems is assessed at the end of each unit through mini-projects which reinforce their problem-solving skills within real-life situations, making them aware of the relevance of maths to their daily lives.

Easy interaction
Pearson Mathematics is visually stimulating but not cluttered. The pages of all components are appealing and easy to navigate.

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