From the Bay of Islands to the Beehive: Government in Aotearoa New Zealand : 9781442527409

From the Bay of Islands to the Beehive: Government in Aotearoa New Zealand

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Government, both national and local, has a major impact on the lives of New Zealand citizens. It makes sense to learn how it all works so we can be informed and responsible voters. From the Bay of Islands to the Beehive: Government in Aotearoa New Zealand investigates what ‘government’ means in New Zealand, and why it is important to us.

The book starts with a study of the history of government in New Zealand, including a history of Maori government, and a look at some of our notable prime ministers. You will find out about MMP, party politics, coalition governments and voting, study the differences between local and national government, and conclude by comparing different styles of government in other countries – democracies and otherwise. The teaching and learning is based on conceptual understanding and social inquiry.

Curriculum Focus

This book focuses on Social Studies Levels 4 and 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum, in particular on the following objectives:

  • Level 4 – Understand how the ways in which leadership of groups is acquired and exercised have consequences for communities and societies.
  • Level 5 – Understand how systems of government in New Zealand operate and affect people’s lives, and how they compare with another system.
  • Level 5 – Understand how the ideas and actions of people in the past have had a significant impact on people’s lives.
  • Level 6 – Understand how individuals, groups, and institutions work to promote social justice and human rights.

The Vision, Principles, Values and Key Competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum are all richly embedded in this resource.


Table of contents
Timeline of New Zealand’s electoral system
1 What is government?
2 New Zealand government through history
3 Prime ministers who made their mark
4 New Zealand’s voting system
5 How does our government work?
6 The Judiciary – the other brand of government
7 Local government in New Zealand
8 How does New Zealand compare?
Author biography
Denny Newburn is Literacy Leader at James Cook High School andis the author of The Changing Face of New Zealand (Pearson 2009) and co-author of The English Zone (Pearson 2003) series.
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