Nitty Gritty 1 - Intruder, The : 9781442527591

Nitty Gritty 1 - Intruder, The

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Luca watched it scramble out of the crater, dust itself off and stride towards the base. It walked clumsily, with plodding, mechanical steps. As it moved, it swung its head from side to side. Searching. Scanning. Every so often, Luca caught a glimpse of flashing, steely eyes. Once again, he felt a chill run through his body . . . Far in the future, Earth’s population has exploded and there is not enough food for everyone.

However, a mineral has been discovered deep beneath the surface of the moon that produces bumper crops, grown in massive domes at the lunar base. The sole occupant of Moon Base is Luca, whose lonely job it is to supervise the computerised supply chain. A few days before the end of his posting, and his return to Earth, communications with Earth fail and Luca’s ordered, monotonous world is further disrupted by an unknown intruder. Who or what is it? Where did it come from? What does it want? Is it friend or foe? Luca must find the answers to these questions on his own, as Earth is a long way away . . .

Nitty Gritty Novels - Level 1
Reading Level 9-11 years

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Author biography
Teacher and author John Lockyer has written numerous titles for children of all ages. His science-fiction is especially popular with boys. In 2002, he was shortlisted for the Elsie Locke Award. He has written two other Nitty Gritty novels: Lost (NG2) and Date of Origin (NG3).