Nitty Gritty 1 - Dark Stone Eye : 9781442528413

Nitty Gritty 1 - Dark Stone Eye

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“While Billy Bobby Burton was putting the final touches to the bedroom ceiling in his underground house,” said Nanna, “he uncovered a stone so dark that it looked as though he’d dug straight through to the night sky between the stars… But, as the dark stone came free, so did a huge boulder. Billy Bobby Burton never saw the dark stone by the light of day.”

When you’re twelve, you’re supposed to be too old for bedtime stories. But Ben’s nanna has been telling him the same story for more than a month, and he’s sucked right in. It’s getting so he’s more interested in hearing the next instalment than hanging out with his friends. The story is about a mysterious jewel like a dark eye that has a powerful effect on all who own it. It’s a horror story and a love story at the same time, layered like fossils with history, suspense and mystery.

And, as the stone in the story makes its way around the world, Ben realises it is coming ever closer to him and his nanna. You never know where it might end up....

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Author biography
Scot Garder is a well-known Australian author whose novels for young adults have met with critical and audience acclaim. He has been shortlisted in the CBC Awards and the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards for Young Adults. He has written two previous Nitty Gritty novels: One Wheel Drive (NG2) and The Lost King (NG3).