Pearson Social Studies: Tangata Whenua - Framing the Frontier: Life in 19th Century Aotearoa : 9781442534070

Pearson Social Studies: Tangata Whenua - Framing the Frontier: Life in 19th Century Aotearoa

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In Framing the Frontier – the third in the Tangata Whenua series, students will discover more about what life was like in 19th-century New Zealand.

This was the century that shaped our nation. We went from being a country governed by Māori tribes to a nation with an English-based government system. This period of intense change created frictions between Māori and Pākehā, some of which still affect our society today.

Framing the Frontier explains why the Treaty of Waitangi was necessary, and will help students understand why the Treaty still stimulates debate. They will learn about the dramatic changes in lifestyle that Māori experienced during this period, many caused by the increasing demand for land caused by the mass immigration of the time. Migrants came to New Zealand expecting an unspoiled Utopia. But did they get the life they were hoping for?

As the Victorian era drew to a close new issues arose, including women's suffrage. This book explores how our fledgling government handled these and other issues. And students will discover some of the people who made a difference to how New Zealand developed.

Framing the Frontier will give students a deeper understanding of how our people, Māori and Pākehā, with their differing perspectives, cultural values and vision have, over time, created the country that we are so fortunate to live in today.

Curriculum Focus

This book focuses on social studies levels 4 and 5 of the New Zealand curriculum, and covers the conceptual strands of the curriculum:

  • identity, culture and organisation
  • place and environment
  • continuity and change.

The vision, principles, values and key competencies of the New Zealand curriculum are all richly embedded in this resource. It covers many of the achievement objectives and employs a social inquiry and conceptual understanding approach to teaching and learning.

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Table of contents
1 Countdown to the Treaty
2 The Treaty is signed
3 The calm before the storm
4 The New Zealand Wars
5 Life under a colonial government
6 The end of the frontier
Author biography
Terri Kessell is a social sciences teacher at Albany Junior High School.  She is a specialist in New Zealand history and is the author of Burning the Evidence (published by Cape Catley) and Tangata Whenua: Face to Face (Pearson 2009).
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