Daily Meow - Sails Fluency: Orange Bridging Turquoise - Newspaper Report : 9781442535855

Daily Meow - Sails Fluency: Orange Bridging Turquoise - Newspaper Report

Jill Eggleton
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Pearson New Zealand
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Sails Literacy Series - developed by leading New Zealand educationalists and authors Jill Eggleton and Jo Windsor.

The Sails Literacy Series is the perfect resource for Guided Reading and Writing, Reciprocal Reading and Independent Reading. The engaging visuals and subjects will motivate your students to read for pleasure and for information.

Fluency Titles

At the Fluency level children continue to be challenged to think critically and apply comprehension and processing strategies to more complex texts. High frequency words introduced at the Early stage are reinforced and more challenging interest words are incorporated in the Fiction and Non Fiction texts.

At the Fluency level, the emphasis is still on a guided reading programme, but with the added bonus of clear examples of a variety of written text forms.

Many of the text forms have been introduced at the Emergent and Early levels as components of the visual literacy elements. At the Fluency level, text forms are now fully explored. The texts provide children with models that demonstrate the purpose of writing and how writers communicate feelings, information and ideas in a structured way.

A unique feature is the double page spread on pages 18 and 19 of each book. Here, the specific structures of the text forms are explained step by step for children as a model for their own writing.

Lastly the Fluency texts provide ample reading mileage for students to gain confidence at the Orange, Turquoise, Purple and Gold levels.

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