Pearson English 8 Teacher Companion: (NZ Yr 9/10) : 9781442536746

Pearson English 8 Teacher Companion: (NZ Yr 9/10)

Arnott-Sexton, Christine
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Pearson Australia
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The Pearson English Year 8 teacher companion makes lesson preparation easy by combining full-colour student book page spreads with a wealth of teacher support to help you implement the new language and literacy demands of the Australian English Curriculum. The teacher companion also embeds ACARA's cross-curricular dimensions and general capabilities into tasks to ensure you've got the curriculum covered.
Features & benefits
  • Content written by teachers for teachers to ensure it is 'classroom ready'
  • Assists with lesson preparation, ensuring implementation of the Australian Curriculum for English
  • Wide reading program lists
  • Learning strategies linked to Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
  • Curriculum checklists for each chapter
  • Extension activities and additional support activities to suit varied skill levels
  • Aligned with ACARA's cross-curricular requirements to ensure full curriculum coverage
  • Provides answers to all 'Breakaway Tasks' and questions from the Year 8 Pearson English activity book
  • Supports EAL/D students
Author biography
Pearson takes great pride in our authors. We source authors that are industry leading experts, with extensive teaching experience from every state of Australia. We commission only the best Authors who have valuable insight and something unique to bring to the field. We commission only the best Authors who have valuable insight and something unique to bring to the field.
Authors for the Pearson English Teachers Companion are: Mark Stracey, Leanne Matheson, Christine Arnott-Sexton, Jo Ryan, Bec Kavanagh, Kerry Lyon, Daniel Buttacavoli, Nadia Di Blasi, Casey Dwyer, Kelly McKay, Tye Cattanach and Erin Wamala.
Target audience

Suitable for Year 8 English teachers.

Series overview
We started with a question: what makes a good English lesson? Pearson English has been built from the ground up to answer that question, using the people who would know best. We sourced teachers as authors, ran focus groups with teachers from government, independent and Catholic schools and tested all material in classrooms.

The result is the most comprehensive English series, written, reviewed and tested by English teachers. All texts have been independently audited by practising teachers in over 90 hours of revisions and improvements, ensuring that the final content is uniformly excellent and matches the content and assessment requirements of the Australian Curriculum. And our thorough trials mean that you can be sure the texts, tasks and activities are classroom ready.

There is an amazing range of texts covering traditional and non-traditional options, including fiction and non-fiction, newspapers, letters, graphic novels, animations, manga, poetry, short stories and plays which also include unique Indigenous and Asia-Pacific literature.
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Visit the Pearson English page for further information about the components of the series, download samples and order an inspection copy.
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