Australian Business Law: Compliance and Practice (7e) : 9781442537859

Australian Business Law: Compliance and Practice (7e)

Vickery, Roger & Flood, MaryAnne
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Pearson Australia
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This edition of Australian Business Law: Compliance and Practice builds on the strengths of previous editions – providing a practical, self-paced text ideal for the classroom or student self-study. Key principles of Commercial, Contract, Consumer, Finance, Property and Workplace Law are explained clearly and concisely for students.
Table of contents
  • PART 1 - Legal foundations
  • PART 2 - Tort law
  • PART 3 - Business entities
  • PART 4 - Contract law
  • PART 5 - Real estate law
  • PART 6 - Finance law
  • PART 7 - Consumer protection and competition law
  • PART 8 - Marketing, e-commerce and privacy law
  • PART 9 - Intellectual property
  • PART 10 - Insurance law
  • PART 11 - Workplace environment law
New to this edition
Look for the new eText version that makes learning easier. Quickly search for information, highlight key passages and add bookmarks plus own notes. You can even see your teacher’s notes and view extra material in the Digital Library.
Features & benefits
  • ‘Setting the Scene’ feature, at the beginning of each chapter, showing application of the law to real-life situations.
  •  Compliance checks! within each chapter linking compliance with the relevant aspects of the law.
  •  Rigorously revised content. Hundreds of pages updated and streamlined to reflect legal changes in the modern day compliance context.
  •  Significant revisions to the Consumer law, Civil liability, Credit law and Workplace chapters.
Author biography
Roger Vickery and MaryAnne Flood are legally qualified, experienced authors and have taught business law in the vocational and tertiary sectors for many years. This expertise, coupled with their wide corporate experience and professional communications training has invested the new edition with clarity and practical purpose.
Target audience
FNSACC403A      Make decisions in a legal context
FNSCOMP601B  Interpret and manage statutory, legislative and regulatory obligations for organisational compliance
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