Budgeting: A Practical Approach Pearson VitalSource eText (2e) : 9781442538429

Budgeting: A Practical Approach Pearson VitalSource eText (2e)

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Pearson Australia
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About the book

Budgeting: A Practical Approach, 2e provides students with a practical, competency based approach to the principles and preparation of budgets.

Table of contents
  • CHAPTER 1 Budgeting Fundamentals
  • CHAPTER 2 Forecasting and Sales Budgets
  • CHAPTER 3 Operating Budgets (Service and Trading Organisations)
  • CHAPTER 4 Cash budgets
  • CHAPTER 5 Budgeted Financial Statements
  • CHAPTER 6 Budgets for the Manufacturing Industry
  • CHAPTER 7 Cost of Production Budgets, cash budgets and Cost of Goods Sold Budgets
  • CHAPTER 8 Master Budgets
  • CHAPTER 9 Performance Reports
  • CHAPTER 10 Flexible Budgets
  • CHAPTER 11 Analysis of Variance
Features & benefits
  • Learning outcomes give students a quick overview of key topics to be covered in the chapter
  • Self-test questions (including answers) to help students revise the concepts and test their understanding as they progress through each chapter
  • Worked examples and tasks that demonstrate the concepts in action 
  • Graded written exercises at the end of each chapter which allow students to apply and review what they have learnt in each chapter. Graded from one-star to three-star so students can build from simpler to more difficult questions
  • Case studies which provide additional assessment using real-world examples
  • Summaries provide a concise summary of the key topics learnt in each chapter
  • Summary examples tie all the key topics from each chapter together in one worked example.
Author biography

Russell Clowes
BCom (Monash), GDipAppFin (SIA), CPA, MAICD
Russell is a director of KnowledgEquity, an education, training and development firm specialising in accounting and finance. In addition to developing and updating educational and training materials, Russell provides strategic and business management services to organisations in a number of industries.

Vic Scriven
(CPA., B.A., Dip.T., Grad. Cert. (Ed)., Cert. IV in Workplace Training)
Vic has worked as an auditor, TAFE lecturer and management consultant. Recently he has developed teaching resources for the NIA and HIA, and lectured in accounting for the HIA, UniSA and the SA Institute of Business and Technology. Vic completed the first edition of this book in 2005.

Target audience

FNSACC402A Prepare operational budgets
FNSACC503A Manage budgets and forecasts

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