Pearson History 10 Activity Book : 9781442540132

Pearson History 10 Activity Book

Andison, Cassandra et al
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Pearson Australia
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Pearson History activity book for Year 10 consolidates students’ historical knowledge and understanding and historical skills in accordance with the Australian Curriculum History course. The activities can be set for homework, or for ‘fast finishers’ in the classroom that may need some extension exercises. The activity book provides a range of activities, including mapwork, which builds understanding of geography in the context of history; timelines, which develop understanding of chronology; evidence-based activities and questions and literacy-based activities and questions.
Features & benefits
  • Content written by teachers for teachers to ensure it is 'classroom ready'
  • Specifically developed and written for the Australian Curriculum
  • Student-friendly content and layout to engage all students
  • A write-in resource designed to reinforce, extend and enrich students' learning
  • Caters for a variety of learning styles
  • A variety of activities and questions are used to reinforce learning outcomes; including evidence-based and literacy-based questions, timelines and mapwork
  • Designed for either independent classroom work or as part of an integrated homework program
Target audience
Suitable for Year 10 students.
Series overview

Pearson History has been specifically developed and written for the Australian Curriculum, by a team of over forty Australian educators. This series uses the inquiry process throughout its content and pedagogy to underpin the study of History, providing full coverage of the two strands of Historical Knowledge and Understanding, and History Skills. Pearson History encourages ‘big picture’ thinking enabling students to make connections with society and cultures both past and present.

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