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Nitty Gritty 0 - Big Noise in Town

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Quiet? What planet was Mum on? Ten-year-old boys don’t do “quiet”. I wanted to be a drummer – a real drummer, in a band.

Billy Wheeler has always been a noisy kid. But, ever since his parents split up, Billy’s mum has been trying to keep him quiet . . . and sensible. Billy reckons “sensible” is a grown-up’s code word for something that’s good for you, but boring. There’s nothing sensible about the drum kit he wants to buy – a really big drum kit, like really big rock bands have. And that drum kit is going to get him everything he wants – the chance to drum like a rock star. But most of all the chance to spend more time with his dad. 

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Tom Bradley is a high-profile New Zealander who has produced scores of stories for younger minds. His sixteen books have been enthusiastically reviewed, and he has written over a hundred TV animation scripts for international syndication. Tom has also written TV sketchcomedy, stage musicals, commentaries and columns for the Internet and print media, plus he is an award-winning radio writer. He has run writing workshops for young and old, and his life experiences include being a dad, TV network news presenter, pirate-radio rock DJ, singer, voiceover artist and media coach.

Tom Bradley’s other novel in the Nitty Gritty Series is Troublesome Jones (level 1).

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