Management Accounting: Principles and Applications: Principles and Applications (5e) : 9781442549074

Management Accounting: Principles and Applications: Principles and Applications (5e)

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The 5th edition of Management Accounting: Principles and Applications helps students master the complexity of cost and management accounting. Using a clear, concise writing style, logical structure and current accounting standards, the text focuses on the information students need to complete their course.
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Introduction to cost concepts
  • Chapter 2 Manufacturing statements
  • Chapter 3 The cost cycle—double-entry system
  • Chapter 4 Materials costing and control
  • Chapter 5 Labour costing and control
  • Chapter 6 Overhead costing and responsibility accounting
  • Chapter 7 Operating budgets for a manufacturing business
  • Chapter 8 Job costing
  • Chapter 9 Break-even analysis and profit planning
  • Chapter 10 Direct versus absorption costing
  • Chapter 11 Differential cost analysis
  • Chapter 12 Activity-based costing
  • Chapter 13 Process costing
  • Chapter 14 Operation costing
  • Chapter 15 Joint and by-products
  • Chapter 16 Standard costing
  • Glossary

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New to this edition


This edition has been developed to meet the needs of both educators and students and has undergone an extensive technical review, undertaken by Les Kenna, an experienced teacher in Accounting and Finance from Nepean College of TAFE, to ensure its accuracy. It features:

  • New Content written to address the relevant competencies and elements of the latest training package, FNS10 version 2, at Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels.
  • New content has been included on Manufacturing Budgets.
  • Enhanced descriptions increase a student’s understanding of complex concepts.
  • Solutions to selected end-of-chapter questions enable students to assess their ability.
Features & benefits
  • Learning objectives to meet competencies at the beginning of each chapter help students focus on what they need to know.
  • Practical, comprehensive examples – with easy-to-follow solutions– make difficult concepts easier to understand.
  • Review questions with increasing levels of difficulty, at the end of each chapter, help students assess their understanding of the content and assist in consolidating skills.
  • Self-testing questions (with solutions provided after every question) enable students to check they understand the concepts addressed.
  • Highlighted key terms are linked to a glossary at the end of the text.
  • Chapter summaries, linked to learning objectives, give students a succinct review of the main points covered.
Author biography
Jill Hart, Clive Wilson and Chris Fergus are experienced and well-respected teachers with many years’ experience between them. They have taught Management Accounting in TAFE and university programs. Additionally, Jill Hart and Clive Wilson have wide and varied practical experience in manufacturing businesses prior to joining the Vocational system.
Target audience
  • FNSACC407A Produce Job Costing Information
  • FNSACC507A Provide Management Accounting Information
  • FNSACC613A Prepare and Analyse Management Accounting Information
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