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Theta Mathematics NCEA Level 2

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Theta Mathematics has been written to reflect the current requirements of Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum. In order to provide teachers and students with a comprehensive package that covers all fourteen Achievement Standards, Theta Mathematics is complemented by Theta Dimensions.

The chapters for each Achievement Standard are colour-coded to make them easy to find, and liberal use of colour throughout the book makes it easy and interesting to use. Helpful tags on the edge of each page enable students to navigate between the answer section and the related exercises.

This edition follows in the tradition of all David Barton’s resources and contains:

  • material that addresses the requirements of the front end of the New Zealand Curriculum, including the Vision, Key Competencies, Values and Cross and Bicultural references
  • concise theory notes written with students’ needs in mind
  • comprehensive worked examples that are well set out
  • plenty of questions in context
  • graded exercises to practise skills and build solid foundations
  • questions that require understanding and explanation, and some extended working
  • investigations and puzzles, many new, to motivate students and stimulate thinking
  • references to technology throughout, including animations, spreadsheet work, CAS calculators
  • complete answers.


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Table of contents

2.1 Co-ordinate Geometry
  1 Co-ordinate geometry
  2 Further co-ordinate geometry

2.2 Graphical models
  3 Polynomials and their graphs
  4 Functions – domain and range
  5 Other mathematical functions and their graphs
  6 Transformations of graphs and the connection with parameters
  7 Trigonometric graphs
  8 Piecewise graphs

2.4 Trigonometric relationships
  9 Triangle trigonometry
10 The sine rule
11 The cosine rule
12 Circular measure

2.6 Algebraic methods
13 Basic algebra
14 Algebraic fractions
15 Factorising and quadratic expressions
16 Rearrangements of algebraic formulae
17 Quadratic equations
18 Exponential expressions
19 Logarithms

2.7 Calculus methods
20 Introducing differentiation
21 Calculus and curves
22 Anti-differentiation
23 Calculus applications

2.12 Probability methods
24 Probability
25 Further probability
26 The normal distribution

2.13 Simulation
27 Simulation methods

2.14 Systems of equations
28 Simultaneous equations
29 Non-linear simultaneous equations

Author biography
David Barton needs no introduction to a generation of New Zealand mathematics students and teachers. He has written a full six-book, award-winning series for secondary-school mathematics, and his material has also been published in Australia, South Africa, Fiji and Abu Dhabi. David Barton was educated at Wellington College and has taught at Wellington College and Rangitoto College in Auckland.
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