Pearson Geography 10 Teacher Companion : 9781442553927

Pearson Geography 10 Teacher Companion

Kleeman, Grant et al
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Pearson Australia
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The Teacher Companion makes lesson preparation and implementation easy by combining full student book pages with a wealth of teacher support, to help you meet the demands of the Australian Curriculum: Geography. The Teachers Companion is a collection of teaching ideas, classroom activities, Curriculum checklists and learning strategies plus answers to the student and activity book questions.
Table of contents
  • How to use the student book
  • How to use the teacher companion
  • Catering for EAL/D students
  • Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Directive terms
  • Chapter 1: Environmental change and human wellbeing
  • Chapter 2: Forests
  • Chapter 3: Coastal environments
  • Chapter 4: Marine environments
  • Chapter 5: Inland water
  • Chapter 6: Urban environments
  • Chapter 7: Human wellbeing
  • Chapter 8: Issues in human wellbeing
  • Chapter 9: Human wellbeing: India
  • Chapter 10: Human wellbeing: Australia
  • Answers to activity book worksheets
Features & benefits
  • Content is written by teachers for teachers to ensure it is 'classroom ready'
  • Presents full student book pages with a wealth of surrounding teacher support
  • Suggests learning strategies and provides easy lesson preparation and implementation, aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Geography
  • Includes answers (or fully worked solutions) to all of the student book and activity book questions
  • Contains extension activities and additional support activities to support differentiation
  • Has suggestions for practical classroom activities
  • Includes ideas on how to teach geographical skills
  • Provides extra background information
  • Contains learning strategies linked to Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
  • Includes curriculum checklists (audit) for each chapter
Series overview
Pearson Geography has been designed for ease of reading with double-page spreads and prominent images selected specifically to appeal to students. A literacy review of the student book was conducted to ensure a close connection between text and images was attained and sentence structure and language choice was appropriate. The Student Books also have small chunks of text with lots of headings for easy digestion, and many images, maps and illustrative material.
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