Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students (5e) : 9781442554764

Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students (5e)

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Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students is designed for students of the commercial law paper in the New Zealand Diploma in Business and those taking introductory law courses for business degrees. The book is also suitable for the Legal Executives Course paper, “Introduction to the Legal System”.

The text is divided into three parts: (1) the basis of New Zealand Law; (2) the law of contract; and (3) particular aspects of commercial law.

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Table of contents
Preface to the fifth edition
Table of cases
Table of New Zealand legislation
Table of New Zealand subordinate legislation
Table of Standing Orders of the House of Representatives
Table of overseas legislation
List of selected abbreviations

Part I The basis of New Zealand law
Chapter 1 Introduction – the nature of law
Chapter 2 The constitution
Chapter 3 The processes of government and business
Chapter 4 The rights of the individual under the New Zealand constitution
Chapter 5 Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi and business in New Zealand
Chapter 6 Legislation and making sense of it
Chapter 7 The fora for resolving business disputes in New Zealand
Chapter 8 The law-making role of the courts
Chapter 9 The law of tort with particular reference to negligence

Part II The law of contract
Chapter 10 The essentials of a valid contract
Chapter 11 Consideration
Chapter 12 Obstacles to the formation of valid contracts (1)
Chapter 13 Obstacles to the formation of valid contracts (2)
Chapter 14 The operation of the contract: interpretation, performance and frustration
Chapter 15 Remedies for failure to perform contractual obligations
Chapter 16 Consumer protection: The Fair Trading Act 1986 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

Part III Particular aspects of commercial law
Chapter 17 The law of real and personal property
Chapter 18 The law of agency and its significance for business
Chapter 19 The law of the sale of goods
Chapter 20 Privacy and business
Chapter 21 An outline of employment law
Chapter 22 An outline of the law of business organisations
Chapter 23 Intellectual property and competition law

Appendix New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990
Glossary of Latin and other odd words
New to this edition
  • Text fully updated in topic areas including the Treaty, Employment, Patent legislation
  • Summaries of legal cases have been rewritten for clarity and accuracy
  • Coverage of following areas has been extended: Fair Trading Act, Ethics, Franchises, Resource Management Act, Food Legislation, the hidden economy
  • The material on the constitution and its historical development has been streamlined and the comparative material has been reduced and more closely related to the New Zealand situation in accordance with suggestions from users of the text
  • New and updated instructor resources

Features & benefits
  • Each chapter starts with its intended learning outcomes to serve as a guide to the student
  • The writing style is lively, and interesting examples from actual cases are used to illustrate the legal points made
  • Chapter summaries, list of key words and revision exercises help students to asses their understanding of the contents
  • Full referencing provided convenient ‘signposting’ for readers. Included are a list of abbreviations, a table of cases, tables of New Zealand and overseas legislation, a glossary and an index.
Author biography

Jeremy Hubbard

Jeremy lectures in business law at the Wellington Campus and the Palmerston North Campus of Massey University. He took his undergraduate degree at the London School of Economics and attended tertiary teachers’ training college. He migrated to New Zealand in 1971 and taught at Wairoa College, until joining the Wellington Polytechnic in 1973. He obtained his LLM from Victoria University Wellington. Jeremy’s teaching is principally in the area of introductory law courses, although he also teaches employment law. Jeremy’s research interests include constitutional issues, as well as contract and tort.

Cordelia Thomas
LLB (Otago); LLM (VUW) (Hons 1st class);PhD (VUW)

Dr Cordelia Thomas has been a senior lecturer in law at Wellington Polytechnic and Massey University where she taught a variety of subjects. She completed a PhD thesis in medical law developing a legal framework for the collection, retention and use of human body parts. In 2005 she became the senior legal adviser for Toi te Taiao: The Bioethics Council where she was involved in a number of projects mostly relating to the cultural, ethical and spiritual issues arising from biotechnologies related to human reproduction. She publishes and makes presentations on bioethics and medical law. She is now the specialist senior legal adviser at the office of the Health and Disability Commissioner where she deals mainly with public law issues and complex investigations into complaints about health and disability providers.She continues to teach Estates Law and Practice and Public Health and Environmental Law. She is a member of the New Zealand Law Society’s Health Law Committee and the Massey University Human Ethics Committee. She is the National Course Director of the Legal Executives course on behalf of the New Zealand Law Society.

Sally Varnham
LLB (VUW); LLM (1st class Hons) (VUW); PhD (UNSW)

Associate Professor Sally Varnham is at the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney. She was admitted to the New Zealand Bar in 1975 and practised law in Wellington and in London before beginning teaching, in 1984, at Wellington Polytechnic. In 1999 she became a Senior Lecturer in Law with the College of Business at Massey University’s Wellington Campus, where she taught Introduction to Business Law for business studies and accounting degree programmes, and Litigation and Property Law on the Legal Executive Programme. Her main research interest is in legal issues arising in compulsory and higher education and her theses for LLM (VUW) and PhD (UNSW) are in this area. She is widely published in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe and regularly presents at national and international conferences. She is currently Chair of the Academic Board at the University of Technology, Sydney.

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