Sigma Statistics Workbook: NCEA Level 3 (4e) : 9781442556997

Sigma Statistics Workbook: NCEA Level 3 (4e)

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The Sigma Statistics Workbook follows the sequence of the seven NCEA Achievement Standards for Level 3 Statistics. Each exercise links to a corresponding exercise in Sigma Statistics. This makes it easy to find revision or extra practice material that directly matches the work covered in class.

The workbook offers brief worked examples, content summaries and hundreds of carefully-graded ‘in context’ problems that help students to develop understanding and explain statistical concepts in plain language.

It features comprehensive ‘write-on’ coverage of the new statistical concepts introduced at secondary level – including bootstrapping to obtain informal confidence intervals, randomisation to assess the significance of sample results, and experimental design (treatment and response variables, allocation of treatments, factorial design, controls, blocking, confounding, and more) – as well as new tools for interpretation, such as main effects plots and interaction analysis.

There is also new material on deterministic versus probabilistic models, and expanded coverage of risk and relative risk.

The Sigma Statistics Workbook features a Student CD that can be used on computers at home or at school. The CD contains:

  • all the worked examples in Sigma Statistics
  • all the spreadsheets referred to in the main text and this workbook – data sets, simulations, and answers
  • links to internet websites that illustrate statistical concepts
  • a formula summary
  • statistical probability tables.

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Table of contents


3.8 Time series
1 Features of time series
2 Time series analysis
3 Seasonal adjustments and index numbers

3.9 Bivariate measurement data
4 Analysing bivariate data
5 Bivariate relationships

3.10 Statistical inference – making comparisions
6 Exploratory data analysis
7 Sampling variability
8 Differences between samples

3.11 Statistical experiments
9 Types of statistical experiment
10 Experimental procedures

3.12 Statistically based reports
11 Reading for understanding
12 Data sources
13 Using data: analysis and inference
14 Interpreting statistical reports

3.13 Probability concepts
15 Probability and events based on chance
16 Probability techniques
17 Conditional probability
18 Arrangements and selections

3.14 Probability distributions
19 Discrete random variables
20 Using distributions to model probability
21 Binomial distribution
22 Poisson distribution
23 Normal distribution
24 Simulation
25 Combining distributions and random variables


Extra activities

The same month
Fair die
Who’s at home?
ZIP codes
A mean puzzle
The St Petersburg paradox

History and growth of the internet
Vending machines and counterfeit coins
Random walk
Paper, scissors, stone

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Claire Laverty teaches in Dunedin. She is the author of the Practice Assessments for Level 1 and 2 NCEA Mathematics and Statistics. These are included in the Theta Mathematics and Gamma Mathematics Teaching Resources.

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