Accounting Concepts and Processes Workbook: NCEA Level 2 : 9781442557048

Accounting Concepts and Processes Workbook: NCEA Level 2

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Pearson New Zealand
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Accounting Concepts and Processes Workbook NCEA Level 2 has been written to support the work you undertake in your class room. It is a comprehensive workbook, containing enough text and a wealth of exercises and activities to help you to understand and achieve the requirements for all the Achievement Standards at NCEA Level 2.

Table of contents
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of accounting concepts for a sole proprietor that operates accounting systems
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of accounting subsystems for a trading firm
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of accounting processes
  4. Prepare financial information for an entity that operates accounting subsystems
  5. Analyse and interpret information and make recommendations for a sole proprietor
  6. Prepare a report on how an entity safeguards its assets
Author biography

Russell Gordon has an intimate working knowledge of the Accounting curriculum and standards-based assessment. He was Head of Business Studies at Otumoetai College and Tauranga Boys College, and is presently Deputy Principal at Mount Maunganui College. During the past eight years he has been the senior tutor for the Waikato University graduate programme for teacher trainees in Accounting, regional NCEA facilitator for Accounting in the Western Bay of Plenty, an external exam marker and panel leader for Level 1 and Level 2 examinations, and a national moderator for the internal standards for Accounting.

Target audience
Suitable for Year 12 - NCEA Level 2 Accounting students.
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