Senior Economics Workbook - NCEA Level 3 (2e) : 9781442561120

Senior Economics Workbook - NCEA Level 3 (2e)

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Senior Economics Workbook supports and extends student’s class work, and helps to prepare them for NCEA Level 3 Economics as prescribed by the New Zealand Curriculum.

Each chapter contains brief content notes, and questions and activities to give practice and help consolidate understanding*. The activities encourage the development of analytical techniques and offer opportunities for students to interpret economic data and arguments in a clear, coherent manner and communicate their economic ideas and understandings to others.

For those students working at scholarship level, there are extension activities and exercises to support their study for assessment at that level.

*Nobel Prize winning studies (mainly on the sea slug Aplysia) have shown that when something is first learnt, brain cells undergo a chemical change. Unless the learning is reviewed or repeated within a few days, the chemical effect fades and the memory is lost - this is short-term memory. Repetition of the learning encourages brain cells to make structural changes - they actually grow new connections (synapses) that lock the learning into long-term memory, so it can be called upon even years later. This resource is designed to help students form long-term memories, so that when they learn something, it stays learnt.

Table of contents


Chapter 1 Demand and elasticity - AS 3.1/3.3

Chapter 2 Supply and elasticity - AS 3.1/3.3

Chapter 3 The market and efficiency - AS 3.1

Chapter 4 Government controls on the market - AS 3.1

Chapter 5 International trade - AS 3.1/3.3

Chapter 6 Demand and utility - AS 3.2/3.3

Chapter 7 The costs of the firm - AS 3.2/3.3

Chapter 8 Market structures - AS 3.2/3.3

Chapter 9 The perfectly competitive firm - AS 3.2

Chapter 10 Comparing monopolies and perfectly competitive firms - AS 3.2

Chapter 11 Market failure and government intervention - AS 3.4

Chapter 12 Externalities - AS 3.4

Chapter 13 Public goods, merit and demerit goods - AS 3.4

Chapter 14 Equity and efficiency - AS 3.4

Chapter 15 Measuring the New Zealand economy - AS 3.5

Chapter 16 AD/AS and the business cycle - AS 3.5

Chapter 17 New Zealand and the international sector - AS 3.5

Chapter 18 Economic policy and the stabilisation role of government - AS 3.5

Chapter 19 Influences on the economy - AS 3.5

Chapter 20 Examining the effectiveness of economic policies in achieving macroeconomic goals - AS 3.5

Scholarship questions

Key terms

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