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Using MIS (NZ) (2e)

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Using MIS 2e has been designed to help students develop a solid understanding of information systems (IS) and to acquire the essential skills that all business professionals will need for managing IS in the future.

Each chapter opens with a ‘MIS in context’ feature drawn from the New Zealand business environment. Each feature focuses on issues with particular relevance to local organisations, SMEs and government businesses. In addition, every chapter contains an interview with a business professional working in IT or IS. These interviews are intended to provide examples of IS in practice and the variety of career options available to people who choose a career in the IS field. While the format and features of the text keep New Zealand in focus, they preserve the international context of our globally networked world. 

Features included in the text and designed to support student learning:

  • ‘MIS in Context’ features provide examples of MIS in practice in New Zealand business
  • Interviews with MIS, IT and ICT professionals from New Zealand and overseas
  • Integrated discussion of international issues within the text reinforces the global nature of information systems management
  • New and updated ‘ethical dimension’ sections with each chapter
  • Query-based chapter format focuses on key topic themes.

In addition, a range of supplements authored by Simon Park of Victoria University of Wellington are available online to lecturers. Material is available gratis to adopters of the text.

Supplements include: PowerPoint slides; Instructor’s manual; Instructor’s manual solution files; Test bank questions; Video supplement (a collection of video links relevant to key topics covered in each of the 12 chapters); Image library.

Table of contents
  1 The importance of MIS
  2 Collaboration information systems
  3 Information systems for competitive advantage
  4 Hardware and software
  5 Database processing
  6 Data communication
  7 Business process management
  8 E-commerce and Web 2.0
  9 Business intelligence systems
10 Managing projects and development
11 Information systems management
12 Information security management
About the Contributing Authors
Author biography

About the American author – David Kroenke

David Kroenke has many years of teaching experience at Colorado State University, Seattle University and the University of Washington. He has led dozens of seminars for college professors on the teaching of information systems and technology; in 1991 the International Association of Information Systems named him Computer Educator of the Year. In 2009, David was named Educator of the Year by the Association of Information Technology Professionals-Education Special Interest Group (AITP-EDSIG).

David worked for the US Air Force and Boeing Computer Services. He was a principal in the start-up of three companies. He also was vice president of product marketing and development for the Microrim Corporation and was chief of technologies for the database division of Wall Data, Inc. He is the father of the semantic object data model. David’s consulting clients have included IBM, Microsoft and Computer Sciences Corporations, as well as numerous smaller companies. Recently, David has focused on using information systems for teaching collaboration.

His textbook Database Processing was first published in 1977 and is now in its 11th edition. He has published many other textbooks, including Database Concepts, 4th ed. (2010), Experiencing MIS, 2nd ed. (2010), and MIS Essentials (2010). David lives in Seattle. He is married and has two children and three grandchildren.

About the New Zealand author – Tony Hooper

Tony Hooper is a senior lecturer in the School of Information Management at the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). He teaches courses on the strategic management of Information Systems, and on global issues that have legal and ethical consequences for the internet and electronic commerce. Tony’s research interests focus on the way information and communications technologies (ICTs) have changed the world in which we live, and, consequently, the way in which we manage those technologies for the benefit of society. Of particular interest to him is the way humans relate to one another through technologically mediated communications and how this affects the evolution of social and legal responses to technological advances. Tony is also investigating the motivation of students when entering tertiary studies in mid-career and how that motivation impacts on teaching and learning.

Tony has had extensive managerial and academic experience in New Zealand and, previously, in South Africa where he spent many years at the University of Cape Town as Director of University Libraries. After spending a sabbatical teaching at Victoria University of Wellington, he and his wife moved permanently to New Zealand in 2002 when he was appointed the first Programme Director of the Master of Information Management programme in the School of Information Management at VUW.

Tony is a professional member of both the Institute of IT Professionals of New Zealand and of the Computer Society of South Africa. He is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Research Development Society of Australasia (FHERDSA).

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