Academic Skills for International Students : 9781442562844

Academic Skills for International Students

McCulloch, Rosalind & Reid, Andrea
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Pearson Australia
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Academic Skills for International Students emphasises students’ potential for flexibility and change, and shows them how, through understanding a new educational setting, and adapting their existing learning skills to this, they can acquire the learning habits of successful students.

The book takes a unique approach by focusing in the first instance on what ‘learning and understanding’ means in the ‘Western’ educational paradigm and how international students can develop adaptive behaviour to enable them to operate in that paradigm. The elements of language development and improvement are then fitted in to that overall pedagogic approach.

Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Being at university in Australia
  • Chapter 2: Higher-order thinking
  • Chapter 3: Higher order thinking in practice
  • Chapter 4: Developing your writing skills
  • Chapter 5: Developing your speaking skills
  • Chapter 6: Working with others—the importance of teamwork
Features & benefits
  • Practical and easy to read
  • Focus on mastering the academic skills required for successful learning, in classroom settings and project work with other students, and in written and spoken assignments
  • Take home message: Summary of the important key points students need to remember from each section
  • Examples: Examples throughout to illustrate a particular idea or point
  • Definitions: The book has a number of definitions of the key terms students will encounter in their degree program
  • Tips: Additional hints, or help, on a particular issue
Author biography

Rosalind McCulloch - QUT-Coordinator Faculty Teaching and Learning Team - Ros’ professional life has been dedicated to developing effective methods of teaching and delivering learning materials, first in the UK and now in Australia.  She has authored, co-authored or edited 9 books on the subject and created 4 CD-ROM or web-based learning platforms for the same purpose.  In her current role she coordinates a team of 4 assisting QUT business faculty in the implementation of teaching and learning standards.  Ros is an ALTC assessor and is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at James Cook University.

Andrea Reid - QUT-Faculty Teaching and Learning Team - Andrea helps design curriculum within all the core units of the business faculty with an emphasis on assisting students who are struggling to grasp discipline specific materials. Andrea has previously been a Learning advisor with international students at UQ. Andrea is completing a M.Ed thesis on ‘Embedding language and learning development for international students’.