History: The Cold War - Superpower Tensions and Rivalries for the IB Diploma Book + eBook: Print and eText bundle for the IB Diploma (2e) : 9781447982364

History: The Cold War - Superpower Tensions and Rivalries for the IB Diploma Book + eBook: Print and eText bundle for the IB Diploma (2e)

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Revised for the the 2015 International Baccalaureate History curriculum, this 2nd edition comprehensively covers two new subjects – Leaders and Nations and Cold War Crises. It will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to answer essay questions on Paper Two and document-based questions on Paper One.

The book includes:

  • practice in analysing source material
  • support for new curriculum features, including key concepts and international mindedness
  • highlighted approaches to learning in each activity
  • support with tackling essay-writing, including essay frames
  • an updated Theory of Knowledge chapter and questions to help with wider research and discussion.
This book includes free access to the eBook version.

Interactive features include:
  • full text search
  • highlighting
  • bookmarking and note-taking for efficient study and revision
  • extra digital resources, such as videos, quizzes and more
What is included?
  • a print textbook
  • an eBook access card.
Table of contents
    PART 1 Rivalry, mistrust and accord
  • What was the Cold War?
  • Breakdown of the Grand Alliance: Part 1
  • Breakdown of the Grand Alliance: Part 2
  • How can we explain the breakdown of the Grand Alliance?
  • The Cold War goes global: The Korean War
  • The USA and containment in Asia
  • Peaceful co­-existence: New leaders, new ideas?
  • Case study in crisis: Berlin 1958–1961
  • Case study in crisis: The Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Sino­-Soviet relations
  • Sino­-American relations
  • Why did détente end in a second Cold War?
  • Soviet containment 1945–1980
  • Confrontation: The impact of the arms race on the Cold War
  • Confrontation and reconciliation: The end of the Cold War
  • The impact of Cold War tensions on the United Nations

  • PART 2 Leaders and nations
  • The impact of leaders on the development of the Cold War
  • The impact of Cold War tensions on nations

  • PART 3 Cold War crises
  • Comparative studies of key Cold War crises
  • Theory of knowledge Appendices Further reading Glossary Index
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