Environmental Systems and Societies for the IB Diploma eBook (Access Card) (2e) : 9781447990437

Environmental Systems and Societies for the IB Diploma eBook (Access Card) (2e)

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This eBook contains additional materials such as animations, videos, revision worksheets and quizzes, as well as all content featured in the printed textbook.

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This comprehensive 2nd Edition text covers all eight topics from the 2015 ESS course, along with advice on Internal Assessment, the Extended Essay, and links to Theory of Knowledge. It will help students to prepare thoroughly and methodically for their examinations.

  • Written by experienced IB teachers and examiners, Andrew Davis and Garrett Nagle.
  • Detailed diagrams and photographs help to explain key concepts.
  • Practice questions from past examination papers help you with exam preparation.
  • Clear links to Theory of Knowledge throughout.
  • ATL skills are addressed in Challenge Yourself boxes and the online worksheets.
  • Significant ideas, big questions, and key concepts are signposted throughout.
  • Provides guidance on Internal Assessment and the Extended Essay.
  • Written to give an international and transdisciplinary perspective.
Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Foundations in ESS
  • Ecosystems and ecology
  • Biodiversity and conservation Water, aquatic food production systems and society
  • Soil and terrestrial food production
  • Atmosphere Climate change and energy
  • Human systems and resources
  • TOK
  • Overall assessment
  • IA
  • EE
  • Big Questions
  • Exam strategies
  • Appendix: Statistics and data analysis
  • Index
  • Glossary
  • Answers