Government and Politics in Australia VitalSource eText (10e) : 9781486001385

Government and Politics in Australia VitalSource eText (10e)

Fenna, Alan et al
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Government and Politics in Australia 10e is the comprehensive and scholarly political science text that provides thorough and accessible content written by authorities in the field.


Now in its 10th edition, Government and Politics in Australia continues to provide students with a research-based, in-depth contemporary introduction to the Australian political system. A strengthened focus on government and politics ensures that this classic text remains the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to the structure and institutions of Australian government, as well as political parties, representation, interest groups and the role of the media in Australian politics.

The 10th edition has been thoroughly revised and updated by experts in the field led by a new editor team and includes a completely new chapter on Australia in the world.

Table of contents
1. Liberal-democratic government in Australia John Summers, Jane Robbins & Alan Fenna
Part 1—Government Institutions
2. The Australian system of government Alan Fenna
3. Parliament and responsible government John Summers
4. Executive government Jane Robbins
5. The public sector Jenny Stewart & Maria Maley
6. The federal system John Summers & Jan Lowe
Part 2—Party and Electoral Politics
7. Political ideologies Alan Fenna
8. Political parties and the party system Linda Botterill & Alan Fenna
9. The electoral system Brain Costar
10. The Australian Labor Party Nick Economou
11. The Liberal Party Judith Brett
12. The National Party Geoff Cockfield
13. Minor parties and Independents Narelle Miragliotta
14. Voters and voting Haydon Manning
Part 3—Political Processes
15. Political leadership James Walter
16. Interest groups and political lobbying John Warhurst
17. Government–Business relations Andrew Parkin & Leonie Hardcastle
18. Politics and the media, new and old Ian Ward
19. Gender, politics and the representation of women Jennifer Curtin
20. Australia in the world Tom Conley
2013 Election Postscript - Online John Summers & Jane Robbins
Author biography
Alan Fenna is Professor of Politics in The John Curtin Institute of Public Policy, Curtin University, Western Australia. He has served as President of the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) and is the author of a number of books, book chapters and academic articles on public policy, federalism, economic policy, social policy and constitutional issues. He contributed to the three most recent editions of this book.

Jane Robbins is a Senior Lecturer in the discipline of Politics and Policy Studies in the School of Social and Policy Studies at Flinders University. She taught first-year Politics subjects for many years and is currently teaching social policy. She has published on a range of welfare and Indigenous policy issues. Her current research project is a comparative analysis of Indigenous political representation in Australia, Canada, the United States and Scandinavia.

John Summers is an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Political and International Studies at Flinders University. His academic interests relate to the institutions of government in Australia, with a particular interest in the role and operation of the Parliament, the Constitution, federalism and intergovernmental relations, and Indigenous policy.
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