Public Relations and Communication Management : An Aotearoa/New Zealand Perspective eBook : 9781486003938

Public Relations and Communication Management : An Aotearoa/New Zealand Perspective eBook

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Pearson New Zealand
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About the book: Public Relations and Communication Management is specifically tailored to our unique cultural, communication, and information environments. This book provides locally-relevant expertise and ‘kiwi’ case studies from authors who live, teach, and work in public relations in New Zealand. Up-to-date with current industry practice, the book includes the latest developments in social media, reputation management, government relations and communicating in cultural diversity. As a relatively small society, New Zealand can adapt and innovate quickly, and the public relations industry here has often been at the forefront of best practice, with practitioners moving rapidly to take up, apply, and test new concepts and technologies long before larger markets do. This text reflects this experience and is both culturally appropriate for New Zealand, and also shows the future of public relations as it could be for innovative practitioners working anywhere in the world.

Written in plain language and illustrated throughout with real world examples, this text is comprehensive and explicit in its coverage of the skills and critical insights needed for public relations practice, and also challenges the reader to consider the wider social context within which public relations operates. It is a text that is long overdue for students, practitioners and everybody who is interested in Public Relations in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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Table of contents
  • The nature of public relations
  • The practice of public relations
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Human resource communication
  • Culture, diversity and communication
  • Planning a public relations programme
  • Research and evaluation
  • Crisis and issue management
  • News media operations and trends
  • Media relations techniques and analysis
  • Social Media
  • Fundraising and sponsorship
  • Government liaison – building relationship and lobbying
  • Financial and Investor communication
  • Ethics and public relations
  • Reputation, image and identity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The practical public relations toolkit
Author biography
Gary Mersham is Programme Leader for the Public Relations and Communication Management Programmes at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. He has previously held professorships in Communication Science at universities in Australia, South Africa and the United States. Gary has provided strategic counselling, research and communication training to international corporate clients including Billiton, Anglo American, Xstrata, SABMiller and the Global Alliance, and for many small businesses, NGOs and NPOs in more than a dozen developing countries. He has authored eight books, numerous scholarly articles and worked for many years in television, radio and print media. He holds APR status and was a member of the Global Alliance team that analysed, codified and standardised The Global Ethics Protocol adopted by the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management and was a member of the International Review Panel for communication management software. Gary continues to consult for corporate clients and community groups around the world. He has a blend of 27 years of practical and academic experience in the various fields of organisational and business communications.

Petra Theunissen is a senior lecturer in Public Relations and Knowledge Management at AUT University where she teaches at graduate and postgraduate level. She holds a DPhil (Communication Management) from the University of Pretoria and a Masters degree in Communication (cum laude) from the Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg. She is an experienced communication practitioner who has worked in public relations practice and management for a number of years, specialising in Internal Communication, Political Communication and Communication Strategy. She is also a qualified teacher and a published science fiction author. Before joining AUT University, she consulted on communication-related issues. She has a special interest in Social Media.

Joseph Peart is programme leader, Communication and Public Relations, at AUT University. He was previously an account director with the leading public relations consultancy, Network PR, during his 15 years in corporate and consultancy PR in New Zealand. He has specialised in communication research projects, including brand-gap analysis, publication auditing, events monitoring, organisational bench-marking and internal values workshops for large organisations, and is a regular conference speaker. He is co-author of the first two editions of the NZ Public Relations Handbook and a past president and a Lifetime Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ), with several industry awards, including twice receiving the PRINZ President’s tribute award for services to professional development and education.
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