Accounting: An Introduction (NZ) (2e) : 9781486004546

Accounting: An Introduction (NZ) (2e)

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This second edition of Accounting: An Introduction provides a solid introduction to financial and management accounting and finance, for those who need to acquire an understanding of accounting concepts and their practical application in decision-making.

Designed specifically for the New Zealand market, this edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect current legislation and accounting standards in the New Zealand context, the role of accounting standards in financial reporting and the new financial reporting framework. The text uses numerous real-world worked examples and activities alongside clear explanations of the key issues.

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1. Introduction to accounting
2. Different accounting entities
3. Measuring and reporting financial position
4. Measuring and reporting financial performance
5. Measuring and reporting cash flows
6. Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
7. Cost–volume–profit analysis and marginal analysis
8. Full costing
9. Budgeting
10. Projected financial statements
11. Capital investment decisions
12. The management of working capital
13. Financing the business
14. Trends and issues in accounting
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Sidney Weil is an associate professor at Lincoln University, where he has taught financial accounting since arriving in New Zealand in 1995. He began his academic career in Cape Town in South Africa in 1978 where, shortly after qualifying as a chartered accountant, he joined the University of the Western Cape. During his ten-year stay there, he developed a strong interest in accounting education, completing a PhD titled Addressing the learning difficulties of first year Accounting students at the University of the Western Cape. A direct consequence of the completion of his PhD was the publication of a book called Accounting Skills: a guide to the mastery of elementary accounting, which was followed by the publication of a comprehensive financial accounting textbook in 1991. In 1993, after spending five years in the Department of Accounting of the University of Cape Town, Sidney became the Director of the Associate in Management (AIM) Programme at the university’s Graduate School of Business. An intensive ten-month programme, AIM was designed to empower formerly disadvantaged South Africans in the private sector to move into and through middle-management positions. Since arriving in New Zealand, Sidney’s interest in and passion for education has endured; he has published a further book and written numerous papers for international journals, one of which was awarded a best paper award for Volume 10 (2001) of Accounting Education: an International Journal. Sidney’s love for teaching has also been recognised by several teaching excellence awards in recent years—two by Lincoln University and one by the Lincoln University Students’ Association.

Eddie McLaney is Visiting Fellow in Accounting and Finance at the University of Plymouth.

Peter Atrill is a freelance academic and author working with leading institutions in the UK, Europe and SE Asia. He was previously Head of Business and Management at the University of Plymouth Business School.

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