Managing Organisations in New Zealand eBook (3e) : 9781486005611

Managing Organisations in New Zealand eBook (3e)

Millar S, Theunissen C
Published by
Pearson New Zealand
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About the book: Recommended by the New Zealand Institute of Management. Organisations are all around us – we are members of organisations, we contribute financially to organisations, our children participate in organisational activities. Yet if organisations are to serve us well, we must be able to understand how they function, and we must manage them in ways that meet the needs of both individuals and organisations. This book prepares students for working life.

Managing Organisations in New Zealand covers the NZIM Certificate in Management Syllabus for 805 Introduction to Management. It may also be used as a resource for unit standards covered in the Certificate in First Line Management. This book is also suitable for supervisors, team leaders and managers who wish to understand more about the management of  contemporary organisations.

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