Ata Kitea Te Pae - Scanning the Horizon eBook: Perspectives on Early Childhood Education : 9781486008834

Ata Kitea Te Pae - Scanning the Horizon eBook: Perspectives on Early Childhood Education

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Pearson New Zealand
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About the book

Āta Kitea te Pae – Scanning the Horizon, edited by Beverley Clark and Anne Grey, outlines the many diverse perspectives on early childhood teaching and learning in Aotearoa New Zealand and provides an overview of developmental theories. Each chapter in this book deals with one aspect of the early childhood landscape, while reflecting the perspectives of the various authors involved.

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Table of contents
1 Introduction
Anne Grey and Beverley Clark

2 A rapid history of early childhood education in Aotearoa New Zealand
Sue Stover

3 Te Tiriti o Waitangi and biculturalism in early childhood education
Huhana Forsyth and Gary Leaf

4 Fa’alelegāpepe: a living assessment for aoga amata
Fa’asaulala Tagoilelagi-Leota

5 Developmental theories in early childhood education
Anne Grey

6 Embracing the complexity of a socio-cultural pedagogy:interpersonal relationships as a vehicle for learning
Iris Duhn and Janita Craw

7 Learning environments
Desma Cornhill and Anne Grey

8 Process not perfection: the art of reflective practice
Mary-Liz Broadley and Tara J. Fagan

9 Infant pedagogy: learning how to learn
Jean Rockel

10 Toddlers: framing a curriculum towards autonomy
Vivienne Hogan, Nicola Chisnall and Yvonne Rongo Culbreath

11 Yesterday, today and tomorrow: cultivating dreams and
possibilities with young children
Nicky de Lautour and Beverley Clark

12 The philosophy of early childhood education
Andrew Gibbons
Author biography


Dr Beverley Clark holds a Doctorate of Education from the University of Auckland. She is a Senior Lecturer and Associate Head of School (Academic) in the School of Education Te Kura Mātauranga at AUT University, teaching on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. She is also a registered teacher, has supported teachers with teacher registration and has many years of teaching practice in early childhood education contexts. Her research interests include aspects of language acquisition and learning, and her doctoral thesis focused on the self-talk of kindergarten children from diverse language backgrounds, a topic on which she has presented and published. Curricula, both from specific and broader perspectives, is another significant area of interest. Beverley is currently involved in two research projects: a collaborative project on the visual arts, and a critical look at what counts as significant and fundamental learning in teacher education programmes.

Anne Grey is Programme Leader in Early Years Education at AUT. She began her career in education by teaching primary school in Australia. Since moving to New Zealand, she has been involved in early childhood education, first in Playcentre with her own children, and then as a supervisor in community early childhood education centres. She has been a lecturer at AUT since 1997 where she teaches on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. She is also a Licensee of the University’s early childhood education centre. Her research areas are leadership and self-review in early childhood education. Anne is interested in all aspects of the education of young children, and in ways of empowering teachers to make a difference in their work. She has recently completed research on the impact that teachers’ personal philosophy has on their practice.

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