Population Concepts eBook: Digital Access Code - 1 year lease : 9781486010004

Population Concepts eBook: Digital Access Code - 1 year lease

Anderson L
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Pearson New Zealand
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About the book

Achievement Standard 1.2 (AS91008) asks you to: Demonstrate geographic understanding of population concepts. Using this resource, you will first be introduced to the concept of population and then progress to taking a deeper look at population in both New Zealand and Monsoon Asia, specifically studying:

  • Population distribution
  • Population diversity and change
  • Migration and mobility of a population
  • Population change over time
  • Population sustainability

Find out what influences populations to change and fluctuate, and what is needed for a population to be sustainable.

Population Concepts also provides relevant material for Achievement Standard 91010: Apply concepts and basic geographic skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment, and for Achievement Standard 91012: Describe aspects of a contemporary New Zealand geographic issue.

Particular care has been given to accessibility of language while retaining the necessary academic rigour required at this level of study. Population Concepts is well supported with illustrations and photographs, and with exercises and activities to ensure the required levels of understanding are achieved and that you do well in your assessment.

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