Discovering Science (Material World Upper Primary): Drip and Drop : 9781486013456

Discovering Science (Material World Upper Primary): Drip and Drop

Wagner, Michael & Niu, Ivy
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Pearson Australia
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Drip has had a whirlwind adventure. He has changed from a LIQUID to a SOLID and from a LIQUID to a GAS. Drip hates changing state, so it's no wonder he is in a bad mood! His friend Drop can laugh, but will it be his turn next?
Features & benefits
Student Book key features
  • Engage students with fiction readers and comics that make science accessible for all learners, especially those who engage visually or struggle with scientific literacy. These simultaneously offer direct support the concepts outlined in the learning sequences
  • You’ll get maximum student engagement with beautifully developed and illustrative Student Topic Books including fiction, non-fiction and comics (middle and upper primary only). These texts make science accessible and make learners more curious about science and the world around them
  • Build knowledge and confidence in both students and teachers
  • Provide concept development through levelled student resources, linked to the Teachers Resource Books
Series overview

Discovering Science provides everything you need in one series, while being designed to maximise student engagement.

The series is comprised of Teacher Resource Books with laminated Topic Starter Picture Cards for Lower, Middle and Upper Primary, and twenty-four levelled Topic Books covering each of the Science strands.

Together Discovering Science will guide learners through complex subject matter with easy to understand texts, worksheets and other materials, while engaging students with activities and practical activities. Student Topic Books in conjunction with Topic Starter Picture Cards will introduce topics and stimulate group discussion.

The engaging Student Topic Book texts provoke curiosity and make science accessible to the learner through a range of non-fiction and fiction books, as well as graphic novels for Middle and Upper primary levels.

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Sample Pages
Sample spread from Drip and Drop.