4 Steps Cafe: An Accounting Practice Set using MYOB AccountRight v19 (Pearson Original Edition) : 9781486019304

4 Steps Cafe: An Accounting Practice Set using MYOB AccountRight v19 (Pearson Original Edition)

Brown, Marian
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Pearson Custom Books
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This practice set is intended to introduce students to MYOB AccountRight v19. It gives students experience in keeping a computerised set of books and is recommended for use by students studying an introductory unit in financial accounting.
Table of contents

Part A – Using MYOB AccountRight Plus v19
Getting started
Exploring MYOB
Checking the financial year
Entering opening balances
Entering unpresented cheque/deposit
Entering a sale on credit – no deposit paid
Creating a new card
Entering a deposit paid for booking
Entering a sale, deposit paid, balance paid
Entering a customer payment - EFT
Entering cash register takings
Correcting errors
Banking receipts in Undeposited Funds
Writing off a bad debt
Entering a purchase on credit
Entering a supplier payment
Entering the return of goods
Entering other payments - using Credit Card
Entering other payments - using Petty Cash
Entering other payments - Drawings
Entering other payments - ATO
Entering other payments - wages
Entering other payments – WorkCover
Entering other payments - superannuation
Checking the accuracy of data
Entering General Journal entries – interest
Entering General Journal entries - depreciation
Entering General Journal entries – assets
Entering General Journal entries - prepaid
Entering General Journal entries - stock
Reconciling the Bank Statement
Reconciling Accounts Receivable
Reconciling Accounts Payable
Reconciling GST
Printing financial reports
Reconciliations before BAS
Printing Business Activity Statement
Notes on Backing Up your data file
Part B – 4 Steps Café Opening Balances
Part C – 4 Steps Café Transactions for June
Part D – Reconciliations
Part E – Financial Reports for June
Part F – Transactions for July and Reports


Features & benefits
This practice set is designed to simulate the activities of a business i.e. 4 Steps Cafe, and provide students with the opportunity to process a number of common transactions affecting a business over one/or two accounting period. It should ensure a greater appreciation of:

a) the steps required in the accounting cycle (including GST requirements);
b) entering sales, purchases, receipts, payments and general journal entries;
c) reconciling bank accounts, GST, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable;
d) printing financial reports which summarise the activities of the business for the period; and
e) the preparation of the Business Activity Statement.

Author biography
Marian Brown is a BAS Agent and has been an MYOB Certified Consultant for over fifteen years.  Marian has lectured in TAFE and universities and is the author of numerous MYOB training manuals used by training organisations, TAFE and universities around and overseas.  Marian is a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Australian Bookkeepers Network.
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