Conflict and Kiwis eBook: 1-year lease : 9781486019779

Conflict and Kiwis eBook: 1-year lease

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Pearson New Zealand
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Conflict and Kiwis covers the events and the people that contributed to these significant conflicts and examines how these events helped shape the New Zealand we know and love today. This book will assist teachers and students of History to meet the Level Six New Zealand Curriculum requirements of:

  • understanding how the causes and consequences of past events that are of significance to New Zealanders shape the lives of people and society
  • understanding how people’s perspectives on past events that are of significance to New Zealanders differ.

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Table of contents
How to use this textbook
Key competencies
Curriculum requirements prepared for by this text
About the author

1 The origins of international conflict in New Zealand
The nature of international conflict
How New Zealand became involved in international conflict
World War I: 1914–1918

2 The new drivers
The competing ideologies
A lasting peace – the war to end all wars

3 The missed turn?
Trying to secure peace in the 1920s with the ‘new tools’
The 1923 crisis
Encouraging peace and stimulating economic recovery: 1924–1929

4 Unleashing the dogs of war
The effects of the Depression on the international community
Breaking the bonds of peace
Consolidation of aggressive forces
Appeasement – the last gasp for peace
The end of appeasement by the west

5 World War II – the need to change the rules
Britain and France declare war
The spread of war to the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East
Involvement of the USSR: 1941
Involvement of the USA: 1941
War in the Pacific
Allied nations’ victory: 1942–1945
The consequences of the conflict on New Zealand

6 Arranging for survival in the new world
A new international forum – the United Nations
The Cold War – a pax nucleana?
Dividing the world
A new world – new alliances for New Zealand

7 Walking the talk
New Zealand resources to deal with international conflict
Facing up to military conflict in Asia
Peacekeeping – the other side of conflict

8 Our Pacific: creating harmony, limiting conflict
From colonisation to decolonisation
Our Pacific neighbourhood
Defence and aid in the Pacific

9 Turning to custard and changing course – our world turned upside down
Turning to custard
Rugby, the Commonwealth and the United Nations
The nuclear issue
Adjustments to ANZUS – just good friends?

10 The path less travelled
A new century
The end of the Cold War
The New Zealand economy
Defending our territory
Our Australian neighbours
New Zealand and the Commonwealth
New Zealand and the United Nations
Independence and national identity
The refugee situation
Conflict over caring for the planet
Author biography
George Bowen is teaching at St Cuthbert’s College in Auckland and is still actively involved in the many aspects of curriculum, History and assessment requirements. George is the author of many History titles for Pearson, including the CLNZ highly commended text, Shaping the Shamrock.
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