Pearson English 4 A Material World - Topic Pack: NZ Yr 5 : 9781486092499

Pearson English 4 A Material World - Topic Pack: NZ Yr 5

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Each Pearson English Topic Pack contains:

  • 1 Teacher Companion
  • 15 copies of the Student Magazine
  • 6 copies of the Fiction Topic Book
  • 6 copies of the Non-fiction Topic Book
Features & benefits

Teacher Companions

  • One Teacher Companion per topic (eight topics per year level).
  • Each Teacher Companion provides guided reading notes for topic books, scope and sequence documentation and offers a range of assessment strategies and tools.
  • ESOL support strategies and activities are also included.

Student Topic Books

  • One fiction and one non-fiction Topic Book per topic providing quality literature with age appropriate, engaging topics.

Student Magazines

  • One Student Magazine per topic.
  • Each magazine sets the context with an introduction, topic questions and engaging facts.
  • Four clearly structured text types are covered in each magazine from a comprehensive range of genres.
  • One text in each magazine is a relevant authentic text.
  • Breakaway tasks are provided for each text, based on Bloom's Taxonomy, encouraging students to think creatively and critically and promote higher order thinking.
  • Magazines conclude with a 'Strands in Action' section with 'Core Tasks' and 'Extra Tasks' where students can apply their thinking and learning in more depth.
Series overview

Pearson English is an extremely flexible English programme suitable for New Zealand Year 4-8 classrooms.

You can choose your content from a variety of 8 topics per year level allowing you to pick relevant topics which address the needs of your class. Plus you can personalise your students' learning pathways by selecting differentiated texts and learning activities within each topic.

The 8 topics per year level include:

  • Geography (2)
  • History (2)
  • Science (2)
  • Civics and Citizenship (1)
  • Health and PE (1)

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