Organisational Behaviour (8e) : 9781488609329

Organisational Behaviour (8e)

Robbins, Judge, Millett & Boyle
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Pearson Australia
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Organisational Behaviour brings the subject to life with the very latest research and the finest business examples and practices from around the globe. Its hallmark approach of clear writing style, cutting-edge content, and engaging pedagogy provide:

  • a clearly explained three-level model of analysing behaviour by looking at the individual, the group and the organisation system
  • an easy-to-read design which breaks material into manageable sections 
  • a rigorous and engaging introduction to the principles, theories and practices of Organisational Behaviour, and
  • an understanding of why these principles are important and relevant (whether or not you ever become a manager). 

Table of contents
  • Part 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 1 What is organisational behaviour?
  • Part 2 The individual
  • Chapter 2 Diversity in organisations
  • Chapter 3 Attitudes and job satisfaction
  • Chapter 4 Personality and values
  • Chapter 5 Emotions and moods
  • Chapter 6 Perception and individual decision making
  • Chapter 7 Motivation: from concept to application
  • Part 3 The group
  • Chapter 8 Foundations of group behaviour
  • Chapter 9 Understanding work teams
  • Chapter 10 Communication
  • Chapter 11 Leadership
  • Chapter 12 Power and politics
  • Chapter 13 Conflict and negotiation
  • Part 4 The organisation system
  • Chapter 14 Foundations of organisational structure
  • Chapter 15 Organisational culture
  • Chapter 16 Organisational change and stress management

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New to this edition

Keeping your class current and relevant
There’s a reason why Robbins textbooks have educated millions of students and have been translated into twenty languages–and it’s because of a commitment that provides the kind of engaging, cutting-edge material that helps students understand and connect with Organisational Behaviour.
The eighth edition has been extensively updated to reflect the most current recent research for Organisational Behaviour. In every chapter the theory, research, examples and cases have been substantially updated.

Inside the new edition text

  • New opening vignettes in every chapter bring current business trends and events to the forefront
  • New and updated research is incorporated into every chapter, particularly an increase in working in teams, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility which focuses much more on personal accountability
  • Updated feature boxes within every chapter reflect ongoing challenges in business worldwide and focus students’ attention on the current business environment
  • In keeping with Robbins reputation for currency and relevance, the theory, research, examples and cases in every chapter have been substantially updated.

Features & benefits
  • Clear and concise Organisational Behaviour is renowned for its accessible writing style.
  • A three-level model analysis (the individual, the group and the organisation system) - prepares students to explain and predict behaviour in any company.
  • Currency - the theory, research, examples and cases in every chapter have been substantially updated. 
  • Opening Vignettes in every chapter bring current business trends and events to the forefront.
  • Case studies revealing the very latest thinking in research - end-of-chapter case studies provide an extensive variety of questions and exercises.
  • The most engaging range of pedagogy available of any text on the market, which breaks up the material into manageable sections. Boxed features in each chapter include OB in Practice, Ethical Choice, Globalisation, Point/Counterpoint, Experiential exercise and Myth or Science.
  • Globalisation, diversity and ethics topics are tightly woven through the text in the context of relevant, related issues.
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