International Marketing: An Asia-Pacific Perspective eBook (7e) : 9781488611179

International Marketing: An Asia-Pacific Perspective eBook (7e)

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Pearson Australia
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About the book: Global thinking, local relevance! International Marketing is a ground-up Australian text which has a unique and relevant perspective on the subject: looking through the lens of Australian and New Zealand export firms working with international partners as well as Asian businesses looking into Australia. By keeping local business students and their future careers in mind, Fletcher and Crawford make it easier to identify with and apply the concepts.

The text takes a practical approach which clearly outlines the links between three different stages of marketing: connecting analysis with planning, planning with strategy and strategy with implementation. Each chapter analyses a range of firms operating in ever-changing international markets, including small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and local subsidiaries of multinational enterprises (MNEs).

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The new 7th edition has been comprehensively updated and features a remarkable range of new, in-depth case studies, industry highlights and diverse business examples that bring the subject to life.

Table of contents
Chapter 1- Rationale for International Marketing
Part A – The Environment of International Marketing
Chapter 2 – Avoiding the Pitfalls of the International Political and Legal Environment
Chapter 3 – Appreciating the dynamics of the International Economic and Financial Environment
Chapter 4 – Catering for the Social and Cultural Environment of International Marketing
Chapter 5 – Technology Change and International Marketing
Chapter 6 – Contemporary Environmental Variables in International marketing
Part B – Strategies for International Marketing
Chapter 7 – Research in International Markets
Chapter 8 – International Market Selection and Entry
Chapter 9 – International Competitive Strategy
Chapter 10 – Internationalization, Relationships and Networks
Chapter 11 - Globalization
Chapter 12 – Planning for Effective International Marketing
Part C – International Marketing Implementation
Chapter 13 – Modifying Products for International Markets
Chapter 14 – International Pricing for Profit
Chapter 15 – Promotion in International Marketing
Chapter 16 – Effective International Distribution
Chapter 17 – Marketing Services and Projects Overseas
Chapter 18 – International Marketing in the Decade Ahead
New to this edition

The hottest topics in international marketing are analysed in greater depth in this edition.

  • More business examples related to challenging areas as technology, sustainability and ethics are featured throughout the text.

More Cases and Examples!

  • NEW! High quality, in-depth Case Studies are now found at the end of each chapter. These enable students to review the concepts learned in the context of a range of Asia-Pacific business examples. Additional cases are also available to supplement the text.
  • NEW! International Marketing Spotlight feature boxes within the chapter provide a business example related to the chapter content.
  • NEW! More diverse country examples due to the enlargement of the European Union and an increased number of free trade agreements signed by Australia and New Zealand. Diverse examples of marketing (beyond Asia) were added to better reflect changing market conditions.

Features & benefits
  • In-depth case studies which enable students to review the concepts learned and apply real-world experiences to a range of Asia-Pacific businesses looking towards the Asia–Pacific region, the European Union, and beyond. A guide to ‘How to analyse a case study’ can be found in the Appendix of the text.
  • International Marketing Highlights boxes bring the subject to life in each chapter through real world examples of companies facing the challenges of international marketing. Most relate to Australian or New Zealand firms.
  • International Marketing Spotlight are new feature boxes which provide a business example related to the chapter content.
  • Figures and tables give students a statistical and visual resource for better understanding and comprehension of key concepts.
  • Opening vignettes begin each chapter and relate a story or issue that contextualises the topic.
  • Chapter summaries provide a concise overview of the chapter's main points and are an excellent tool for study and revision.
  • List of websites at the end of each chapter has been updated and expanded to provide students with references to appropriate websites where they may obtain further information on the topics being discussed.
  • IMEdge exercises encourage students to think outside the box, by investigating an issue related to the chapter online.
  • Discussion questions test understanding of key concepts.
  • Instructor resources which accompany this text have been enhanced for this edition: Testbank, PowerPoints and Instructor Manual.


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