Bug Club Fluent Fiction Play (White): The Giant of Windy Hill : 9781488612930

Bug Club Fluent Fiction Play (White): The Giant of Windy Hill

Jill McDougall
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Pearson Australia
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There is a giant on Windy Hill. He keeps eating all the food at the town market. Can Jack and his friends find a way to stop the giant?

This title is a Subverted Fairytale/Subverted Traditional Tale.
Features & benefits
  • A total of 65 fiction plays are available in Bug Club.
  • Each play provides readers with a highly engaging narrative with endearing children's characters.
  • Contemporary designs and a vast range of illustration styles are used in Bug Club plays, all printed in full colour.
  • Each play includes notes on the inside front cover to help guide parents while reading with their child.
  • Extension activities are suggested on the inside back cover to help expand the learning from each play.
  • Written by talented authors including Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo.
  • Available in print and also on Bug Club Digital.
Target audience
Suitable for students in Year 3.
Series overview

Bug Club is a fully integrated, award-winning literacy programe with clearly defined learning outcomes.

This series offers a number of titles for reading levels 1 to 30, suitable for literacy learning for primary students in Years 0-8.

Choose from over 380 expertly levelled fiction and non-fiction guided readers, comics and graphic novels available in print and digital formats. Plus teach readers their phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs with 41 phonic readers and 26 phonic fiction readers. 65 plays were added to Bug Club in 2016.

Allocate eBooks on Bug Club Digital to students, utilise over 2,000 interactive activities that give students immediate feedback and enable them to earn rewards for games, while you are able to clearly track and report on students' reading progress.

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Visit the New Zealand Bug Club website for further information.

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