Pearson Science 8 Teacher Companion (2e) : 9781488615146

Pearson Science 8 Teacher Companion (2e)

Manners, Rochelle et al
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Pearson Australia
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The Pearson Science Teacher Companion make lesson preparation and implementation easy by combining full Student Book pages with a wealth of teacher support, to help you meet the demands of the Australian Curriculum: Science as well as the Victorian Curriculum.
Table of contents
  • How to use this book
  • Series components
  • Using Bloom’s taxonomy
  • The literacies of science
  • Differentiation in the science classroom
  • Integrating STEM inquiries
  • Using an inquiry approach
  • Using ICT in science
  • Australian Curriculum mapping
  • Victorian Curriculum mapping
  • 1. Working with scientific data
  • 2. Cells
  • 3. Body systems
  • 4. Reproduction
  • 5. Energy
  • 6. Substances
  • 7. Physical and chemical change
  • 8. Rocks and mining
  • Glossary
  • Activity Book Toolkit
  • Answers to activity book worksheets
Features & benefits
  • Includes classroom ready support allowing teachers and lab techs to plan ahead with good visibility of what each chapter involves.
  • New to this edition is expertise which takes teacher support to a whole new level, putting experts in every classroom. This includes:
    • Literacy building activities including for EAL/D requirements, written by Literacy Consultant Dr Trish Weekes,
    • Differentiation support written expert in the field, Anna Bennett
    • Practical Investigation tips and support by highly experienced lab technician Penny Lee.
  • Updated teacher support at the beginning of the Teacher Companion including new spreads written by experts on Literacy, STEM and Differentiation which underpin the approach taken throughout the book and the whole series.
  • Presents full student book pages with a wealth of surrounding teacher support. Suggests learning strategies and provides easy lesson preparation and implementation, aligned to the Australian Curriculum for Science
  • Includes answers (or fully worked solutions) to every student book and activity book question
  • Suggestions for practical classroom activities
Series overview
Pearson Science retains all the much loved features of the market leading first edition, with improved, updated content and a brand new digital offering to make assessment and tracking of individual and class progress simple. The new edition offers complete coverage of all Content Descriptors and all Elaborations of the latest Australian Curriculum: Science (Version 8) and Victorian Curriculum: Science. We’ve also enhanced the series with improved differentiation throughout as well as the integration of STEM and student designed investigation.

Literacy Consultant Dr Trish Weekes has completed a thorough literacy review to ensure that learners are even more supported in this edition with increased scaffolding, clearer explanation of key terms and improved navigation pathways. This approach in the student book is reinforced through new, research-based literacy building activities and teacher support.


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