Literacy for the 21st Century: A Balanced Approach (3e) : 9781488615719

Literacy for the 21st Century: A Balanced Approach (3e)

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**Proud winner of the 2019 Education Publishing Awards Australia (EPAA)**
Tertiary (Adaptations) Teaching and Learning – print or blended learning (print and digital)

Literacy for the 21st Century supports the development of knowledge, understanding and skills in teaching literacy to children from the Foundation Year to Year 6.

The book emphasises that successful teaching involves knowing the students, the content and associated curriculum requirements, and understanding how to apply this knowledge in different ways to meet individual students’ literacy learning needs.

Table of contents
  • PART 1 Literacy for the 21st century
  • 1 Becoming an effective teacher of language, literature and literacy
  • 2 Teaching the reading and writing processes
  • 3 Assessing students’ literacy development
  • PART 2 Components of literacy development
  • 4 Working with the youngest readers and writers
  • 5 Cracking the alphabet code
  • 6 Teaching English grammar: the language code for reading and writing
  • 7 Developing fluent readers and writers
  • 8 Expanding academic vocabulary
  • 9 Promoting comprehension: reader factors and text factors
  • PART 3 Organising for literacy instruction
  • 10 Organising for instruction
  • 11 Differentiating for success
  • 12 Reading and writing in the content areas
  • PART 4 Compendium of teaching strategies
  • Professional references
  • Children’s book references
  • Glossary
  • Author and title index
  • Subject index

Download the detailed table of contents.

Features & benefits
  • Challenges readers to consider ways of knowing, learning and teaching by providing learning opportunities to consider ways of using digital platforms to develop children's reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing skills.
  • Includes professional and children's book references.
  • AA range of teaching strategies are included throughout and consolidated in an updated Part 4: Compendium of teaching strategies.
  • A renewal of a range of Australian resources, including children’s literature, interactive websites, information texts and content-area topics.
  • Incorporation of current language and literacy research and practice into discussions on classroom practice.
  • Includes updated content to align more closely with further developments in the Australian Teaching Standards and the Australian Curriculum: English. Content is mapped to industry standards and this mapping is available as a downloadable resource.
  • Used across all levels of Bachelor and Masters Education courses.
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