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The Little Pearson Handbook (4e)

Faigley / Carey / Munoz
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Pearson Australia
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Reviewed by a panel of experienced university lecturers The Little Pearson Handbook 4th Australasian edition covers the academic writing and research processes and has been thoroughly updated to include coverage of the most current Harvard, APA, MLA and CMS citation, documentation and style guidelines.

Dr Michael Carey and Gabriella Munoz have adapted and updated this edition specifically for the Australasian context. This ensures that the handbook reflects the needs of Australasian students across a range of academic disciplines, including education, business, nursing, science and healthcare.

In this student friendly adaptation, Australian English is used alongside many recent examples and cultural references from Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Plus, updated references to Australasian books, journals and research are featured throughout.


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Table of contents
  • Part One Composing
  • 1 Think as a Writer
  • 2 Review, View and Write with a Critical Eye
  • 3 Plan and Draft
  • 4 Revise, Edit and Proofread
  • 5 Write Arguments
  • 6 Write in Academic Genres
  • 7 Write for Online Courses
  • Part Two Planning Research and Finding Sources
  • 8 Plan Your Research
  • 9 Find Sources
  • 10 Evaluate Sources
  • 11 Plan Field Research
  • Part Three Incorporating and Documenting Sources
  • 12 Understand and Avoid Plagiarism
  • 13 Use Sources Effectively
  • 14 Harvard Documentation
  • 15 APA Documentation
  • 16 MLA Documentation
  • 17 CMS Documentation
  • Part 4 Effective Style and Language
  • 18 Write with Power
  • 19 Write Concisely
  • 20 Write with Emphasis
  • 21 Find the Right Words
  • Part 5 Understanding Grammar
  • 22 Fragments, Run-ons and Comma Splices
  • 23 Subject-Verb Agreement
  • 24 Verbs
  • 25 Pronouns
  • 26 Shifts
  • 27 Modifiers
  • 28 Grammar for Multilingual Writers
  • Part 6 Understanding Punctuation and Mechanics
  • 29 Commas
  • 30 Semicolons and Colons
  • 31 Dashes and Parentheses
  • 31 Apostrophes
  • 32 Quotation marks
  • 34 Other Punctuation Marks
  • 35 Capitalisation, Italics, Abbreviations and Numbers
  • Part 7 Tips for Success
  • 36 Oral Presentations
  • 37 Feedback
  • 38 Job Presentation Skills

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New to this edition
  • Expanded treatment of note taking, quoting, summarising and paraphrasing sources help students integrate sources more effectively and avoid plagiarism.
  • Expanded and updated examples help illustrate applications to an even broader set of disciplines, including nursing, business, education, science and healthcare
  • MLA, APA CMS and Harvard documentation citation examples now include e-books and social media (Twitter and Facebook) referencing information to reflect current usage, as well as providing the latest style updates
  • The chapter on MLA style has been updated and now covers the changes to the works-cited list as well as information on the changes to the in-text citation style in the 8th edition
  • More grammar, usage and punctuation details are given to help students build knowledge and skills to write in formal academic English
  • New At a glance sections at the beginning of each chapter provide a quick visual preview of the contents.
Features & benefits

With more visuals and sample documents than other essential handbooks, this handy full-colour reference gives students what they need to know about the writing and research processes.

The Little Pearson Handbook 4th Australasian edition helps students:

  • understand complicated academic writing processes step by step;
  • learn by seeing examples of writing
  • quickly find answers to common writing questions
  • learn concepts explained in clear, accessible language.

Students will also find more help with additional resources:

  • A list of Common Errors - grammar, punctuation and mechanics that many writers make
  • A Revision Guide - editing and proofreading symbols
  • A Glossary - basic grammatical and usage terms.
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Download the detailed table of contents

Preview sample pages from The Little Pearson Handbook